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Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Default6
Anta Grande de Zambujeiro:
Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Zamboujeiroright2cDescription - This is easily the largest passage-mound in all of Portugal and, apart from the Irish passage-mounds such as Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth, is also one of the the largest in Europe.
Although the internal design of the passage and raised chamber conforms to the traditional shape of other passage mounds across western Europe, Zambujeiro is the only example where the internal walls have been fashioned from large upright stones. Elsewhere in Portugal, the same basic design has been used for the construction of numerous 'antas', although they were all apparently only covered over with half mounds, leaving the upper parts protruding with the appearance of a dolmen.
The site is free entry and is accessed by a track and then by foot for the last 100 metres.

There are several large stones lying around the site which look as though they were left in a state of semi-readiness. One of the most impressive discarded stones is the 'leaf' shaped stone in front of the monument on the right-hand side of the entrance (see below). This stone has the appearance of having been left half finished (it is possible to discern a marked area of stone which may have been intended for cutting) although it is also just as likely that we see it today as it was originally intended.
Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Zambujeirooutsidestone1
Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Zambujeirooutsidelargestone Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Zambujeirooutsidescale

Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Zambujeirocup

On the left hand side of the entrance (see left) lies a large (1.5m x 2m), flat topped stone with a large, single cup-mark in the centre of it. The position of these two prominent stones on either side of the entrance gives the site a sense of importance, before even bearing witness to the eight giants that form the walls of the inside chamber.

A little further to the left of the large up-marked stone lies an even larger stone with numerous smaller cup-marks on its upper surface (suggesting, as with the other cup-marked stone, that they have always been in the positions we see them today).
Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Zambujeiro5 Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Zamboujeiro6

Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Zambujeiro2

The Mound - The mound itself is 50m in diameter and around 7-8m high.
It is composed of rubble packing-stones of varying sizes and has been severely excavated in the past. The round shape of the mound is easily defined, except at the front which has lost all vestige of any original appearance. If the two large stones to the left and right of the passage entry were outside originally, then we can assume that it was never completely round at the front as they lie within the perimeter of the diameter.

The Passage - The passage is composed of several stones on either side, which appear to have been shaped along their tops in readiness to recieve other stones. There are no visible markings on any of the stones. The floor of the passage has a rock feature, which appears to have been intentionally carved, although it is possible that this too is still in its original form. The passage has a slight bend along its length, a feature discussed below.
Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Zamboujeiro5a
The stone pillar inside does not appear structural and is similar to the one found in Bryn Celli Ddu, in Wales.

The chamber - The chamber is huge and cathedral-like from inside, and would have been more spectacular with the capstone in place. It is composed of 8 mauled granite stones, all 6-8m in height (above ground), with the largest at the rear almost 4m wide. There is no sign of carvings on any of them (except modern graffiti), and they all lean inwards, pressing against each other and sharing the load of the surrounding mound. A feature similar to many Portuguese passage mounds and dolmens.

Cope (1) mentions that excavators found 'callis beads, decorated schist plaques, flint and stone tools, pottery and a stone-axe', with mention of any skeletons notoriously absent..

Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Zamboujeiroright Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Zambuojeiroleft
Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Zambujeiro1b

The Cap-stone - The cap-stone to the chamber is around a half metre thick and lies on the top of the mound, behind the main chamber. It is broken into several pieces, and in its original state would have weighed several tons. It has the appearance of having either been slid off or having almost made it into place, before being broken (struck by lightning?).
Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Zambujeirocapstone1
Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Zambujeirocapstone Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Zambujeirocapstonecracked
Astronomy - The passage has a slight curve along its length, a feature which is more easily discernable at Newgrange, where it was used to restrict the entry of sunlight to the inner chamber. There are two standing stones in the passage which may have been originally part of the support, but are suspiciously placed as if to control the entry of sunlight to the chamber. The whole mound faces 20° off true East (a feature noticeable at the other two passage mounds (Anta de San Gens, and Anta do Tapadao) in the Alentejo, both of which also show the same gigantic stone work, although neither on the scale of Zambujeiro.
Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Evoramonsarazmap1
The placement of Zambujeiro itself has been suggested to have been deliberate, being placed in alignment between the Almendres and Zarez 'cromeleques. The orientation of Zambujeiro therefore comes as no surprise, simultaneously facing the direction of the Xarez monument and the spring full moon (110°).
(Click here more about Xarez)
Photo Gallery...

Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Zambuijeirotop

(This site is an absolute must for all lovers of megaliths...)

Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Zambujeirold
An image from 1971. The year of restoration. The site has detereorated considerably since then.

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Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Default6
Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Francelatable1Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Loughcrew3Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: TaramoundAnta Grande de Zambujeiro: Knowth2

Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Tarahill

  • Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Dowthmain

    Önceleri Tumulüsler üzerine bu üstte görülen ağaç gibi ağaçlar dikilirdi ve uzaktan bakıldığında top gibi görülürdü ama bu gün çoğu yakacak olarak kullanıldıklarından zamanın derinliklerinde kaybolmuşlardır.
    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Dowthplan

    [size=9]The mound lies about 2.8km NE of Newgrange, it has a diameter of 85m (280ft) and is 14m (47ft) high. It has two original passages, both less spectacular than those at either Newgrange or Knowth with significantly shorter passages and lower roofs. Both are on the western site of the mound, they are termed 'Dowth North' and 'Dowth South'. [/size]
    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Dowthold
    Dowth is considered to be the oldest of the three passage-mounds that compose the Boyne-valley complex.
    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Dowth4 Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Dowth5

    [size=9] The result of the excavation in 1847, and subsequent quarrying on the western face.

    The 'solar wheels' on Kerbstone 51 at Dowth are similar to those on the backstone of Cairn-T at Loughcrew. These symbols are suggested to have an astronomical or calendrical meaning/purpose.
    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Dowthkerbstone-k51

    Both the quality and the quantity of engraving are substantially less than that seen at both Knowth and Newgrange. This supports the idea that Dowth may be the older of the three main Boyne-valley mounds. [/size]

    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Dowth-sun1

    Quartz was found on the ground outside the kerb-line, showing that the entrance to this tomb was originally surrounding by glittering white chunks of quartzite, as at Knowth and Newgrange.

    Note: On the opposite side of the mound to the entrances, there is a depression in the kerb stones, where another entrance may well one day be determined.

    Inside the mound: Two passages have been found on the western side of the mound, both dating back to the original construction. Some of the stones in the passages have been engraved with symbols. A third passage was added much later, around the 1st millennium BC. It is classified as a souterrain.

    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Dowth%20chamber

    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Dowth7 Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Dowth3

    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Newgrange%20chambers1 Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Maes%20howe%20plan1
    Newgrange (left), with three stone bowls, one in each recess, Maes Howe (right).

    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Fourknocksplan

    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Palenque Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Celtic%20cross

    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Templegroundplan

    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Malta%20095 Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Malta%20107

    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Knowthbasin Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Newgrangebowla Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Dowth%20bowl

    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Newgrange-K52 [size=9] [i] Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Gavpillar9a

    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Newgrangekerb3 Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Westray_Stone_1

    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Tarxienspiral2009

    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Kercado2
    Kercado passage mound, Carnac, France. At 4,700 BC, this is one of the earliest in Europe.
    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Gav5 Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Tabledesmarchands2
    The capstones from Gavr'inis (left), Er-Grah, and La Table des Marchands (right), have all been shown to be parts of a earlier, single monolith. The construction phase for these passage mounds is dated at around 3,300 BC.

    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Carnaclines


    Construction techniques - The Carnac builders were clearly qualified stone masons and as such they were adept at techniques such as quarrying and splitting hard stone like granite, (which was the preferential stone for the megalithic builders all across Europe). The following shots from Carnac illustrate that the method used 5,000 years ago was similar to that used by masons today.

    Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Cutsy Anta Grande de Zambujeiro: Cut%20marksx

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