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Milton Dodd's Arts: Liberal, Creative, Magickal, Fine Arts

« Milton Dodd = Remote Viewer #002

Milton Dodd = Poet »

Milton Dodd = Witch

I share this
library with you. It’s made up of books I’ve read and those I want to
read. The e-books on my blog are free to read. There are more than 230
of them.


A. (4!) denotes and all you need to read is an e-mail, name and password. No verification e-mail.

B.# sign denotes more than one book to be read at the link.

C.In the links to follow, if your text that was vertical becomes a long horizontal line running off the page, Refresh the page!İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Rosa-alchemica2

D. In the download center of 4shared it’s easy to get stuck. Look for the SEARCH button up right.

E. Also, saving
your book file might not work out…With some of them on, when
you save the text, the text scrambles. This is easily overcome by
downloading the text again. It won’t hurt to download each time you
read. repeat: if your text scrambles when you save it, download, open,
don’t save. Thanks.

F. Where it says
“Save File, 5 book limit” there’s a limit at the site of 5 books per
any 2 week period. That’s not bad. Save the download file so you
don’t download the same book twice on this site.


“…when I pondered over the antique bronze gods
and goddesses, which I had mortgaged my house to buy, I had all a pagan’s delight in various beauty and
without his terror at sleepless destiny and his labour with many sacrifices; and I had only to go to my
bookshelf, where every book was bound in leather, stamped with intricate ornament, and of a carefully
chosen colour:” William Butler Yeats in Rosa Alchemica (fiction and Magick)
A Quick Cheat-Sheet to the links below! Starts with over 177
entries with books free to read, not to mention the poetry section!

1. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-golden-dawn1 The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic by Israel Regardie (Over 1000 pages) (ceremonial magick): 4!
2. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Ae-waite2The Book of Ceremonial Magick by A.E. Waite: 4!
2a. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Applied-magic Applied Magic by Dion Fortune: 4!
51. Books by Dion Fortune # (Read more Dion Fortune books ***
52. {including Sea Priestess}here:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Sea-priestess1 (absolutely great book, blends magick and fiction enchantingly)
53. Dion Fortune:,
10. Libri of Crowley # (Magick, Witchcraft)
11. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Book41 Book 4 (ABA) by Aleister Crowley #
12. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Equinox1 Crowley’s Equinox in it’s entirety: #
13. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Book-of-lies1 Book of Lies by Crowley#:
14. More books by Aleister Crowley including the beginning of Diary of a Drug Fiend!:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Diaryofadrugfiend
15. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Enochian-magic1Enochian Magic for Beginners by Donald Tyson (Angel Magick): 4!
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-power-of-the-word15a. The Power of the Word by Donald Tyson (tetragrammaton, the holy name of god researched): 4!
15b.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Magicians-workbook The Magician’s Workbook: Practicing the Rituals of the Western Tradition by Donald Tyson (author is my personal favorite): 4!
15c. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR New-millenium-magic New Mellinnium Magic, A Complete System of Self-Realization by Donald Tyson (author is my personal favorite): 4!
22.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bucklands-complete Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft (introductory to advanced Wicca) 4!
22a. Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham: 4!
101. Earth, Air, Fire & Water by Scott Cunningham (Modern Wicca): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Earth-air-fire-water1 4!
102. Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 4!
3. Remote Viewing Manual (gov’t psychic spies):
4.Ingo Swann, father of Remote Viewing İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Ingo-swannmemoir(psychic) İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Ingo
5. International Remote Viewing Association (gov’t psychic) articles, book excerpts #
616. A Beginner’s Guide to Runes (ancient divination tool/alphabet): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 4!
17. Runes Guide (list with definitions):
17a. Runic Wisdom in Njal’s Saga and Nordic MythologyRoots of an Oral Legal Tradition in Northern Europe by Jeffrey L. Slusher: 4!
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Os18. Pendulums (instructions for dowsing with pendulums)(ancient divination tool): 4!
138. A Short Course in Skrying (Divination through staring at magick mirrors, etc.): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Magic-mirror
19.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Wiccan-rede The Wiccan Rede (Poetic) {refresh page}(the “ten commandments” of the Wiccan faith):
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bos20. The Wiccan Rede discussed:

Crow Standing at $5.99

Birds and Poets by John Burroughs (connecting with birds by poets, historically):
Link to Crow Standing $5.99
23. An excerpt from Bonewits’ Essential Guide to Druidism by Isaac Bonewits denouncing The 21 Lessons of Merlyn (Druidry):
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Druid24. Green Book of Meditations (druidism) Vol.X Research Resources on Druidism:
25. 1400 Legends of the American Indians # (Native American studies)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR I-am-crow2
26. The Personal Memoirs of a Residence of Thirty Years with the Indian Tribes on the American Frontier (1812-1842) by Henry Schoolcraft: 4!
27. The Unwritten Literature of the Hopi: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Hopi

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Jim32. Some of Jim Morrison’s Poetry
33.Jim Morrison, ”chapter” from Lords and New Creatures, his first book of poetry (click “read a chapter” on left)
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 1jim-morrison534.
The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley(experiences with cactus): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-doors-of-perception .
35. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR HuxleyHuxley On Drugs and Creativity (Interview for the Paris Review)(LSD): 4!
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Devils-of-loudun-ii36. The Devils of Loudun by Aldous Huxley(Possession in a convent, historical witch trial.):
37. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR William-blake The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake:
38. William Blake Paintings İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR William-blake1slideshow:
39. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey (rebel in Psych ward): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 4!
40.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Electric-kool-aid-acid-test2 An excerpt of The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe:
41. read free e-book of The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test by
Tom Wolfe (Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, LSD, Hippy) ( limit 5
books per 2 weeks downloaded here (save file download)(look up author’s
last name):
42. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Leaves-of-grass1 Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass:(classic poetry)!
43. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Allen-ginsbergHowl by Allen Ginsberg (classic Beat poetry):
44. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR William-s-burroughs1 Excerpts from works by William S. Burroughs (Beat):
45. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by William S.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-4-horsemen1 Burroughs: 4!
46. The Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs(Beat, heroin):İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Naked-lunch1 (save the file)(limit 5 books per 2 weeks downloaded here)(look up author’s last name)
47. On the Road by Jack Kerouac (Original Beat): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR On-the-road3 4!
48. The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Dharma1 (my favorite Beat writing) (writ in 11 days) (limit five books per 2 weeks, save file)(look up author’s last name):
49. The Great Shark Hunt by Hunter S. Thompson (chapters of works by Hunter S. Thompson)(drugs, politics, culture, insight): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-great-shark-hunt1
96. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Fear-and-loathingFear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson (c\lassic, modern, drug experiences) join 4shared to read.
50.Breakfast of Champions by KurtİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Vonnegut1 Vonnegut (farcical fiction): 4!
92. Black Elk SpeaksİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Black-elk (Native American studies)
93. Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett (comedy/surreal play) İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Godot
94. The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge by Carlos CastanedaİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Castaneda (Shamanism)
95.Carlos Castaneda Complete Works (Save File, limit 5 books per 2 weeks, look up author’s last name)…
97. The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield (fictional, inspirational, sacred finds): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Celestine-prophecy 4!
56. Psychology and Comparative Religion: A Study of the Symbolism of the Centre by Mircea Eliade (alternative, religious studies):
56a. The Cosmos and History (the myth of the eternal return) by Mircea Eliade:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Eliade-2 4!
113. The Golden Bough by James Frazer (comparative religion):İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-golden-bough
115. The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-way-of-the-shaman1
116. A pdf file with a slideshow of Bonsai: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Tokanoma1_opt
Note: I’ve found that I can see images in bonsai easier and with more
definition than in a crystal ball or scrying mirror. I encourage you
to sit and stare at Bonsai!
116a. Gardens of the Gods: Myth, Magic and Meaning (sacred gardening, making sacred earth): 4!
117. # More books about Shamanism including, Modern Shamanism, Psychedelic ShamanismİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Psychedelic-shamanism1, Shamanism and Spirit, among others:
118. The Peyote Cult by Radin (1925):
119. A partial e-book of Animal Speak by Ted Andrews is available here:(Birds only)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Animal-speak (Totems)
“Raven speaks of opportunity to become the

magician and/or enchantress of your life.

Each of us has a magician within, and it is

Raven which can show us how to bring that

part of us out of the dark into the light“–Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.

120. Totems (a list of totem animals and brief description of meanings):

54. Project Gutenburg history of witchcraft section (diabolical accusation, inquisition): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Burning-times
55.Occult-İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Occult1-Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Secrets: 4!
.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Books-of-blood Books of Blood by Clive Barker Vol.s 1+2 #(Suspense, Horror) or
7. Books of Blood Vol.s 1-3 here: Books 8. Books of Blood, 4-6 here:
9.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Hellraiser The Hellbound Heart (Hellraiser was based on this book) by Clive Barker:
57. Satanic Bible by Anton Lavey: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 4!
58.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR RoutledgeThe Routledge Dictionary of Gods, Godesses, Devils and Demons: 4!
84. Necronomicon by SimonİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Necronomicon1 + more occult books including other Necronomicons # (grimoire)(fiction)
85. H. R. Giger’s Necronomicon (All Giger’s material is for mature audiences only):
86. H.R. Giger Dark Art slideshow (over 4 minutes)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Hrgiger
87. H.R. Giger art book zip file (takes a while to download): 4!
71.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Haunting-of-hill-house1 The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson (suspense):
73. The Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe (spine-tingling suspense): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR
74. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-witching-hour1 The Witching Hour by Anne Rice (romantic witch fiction): 4!
75.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Vampire-chronicles1 The Vampire Chronicles (Books 1-10) (Interview with a Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, etc.)by Anne Rice: 4!
76. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR KingStephen King’s Dark Tower Series 1–5 (The Gunslinger, The Drawing of the Three, etc.) Epic fiction
77. The Dark Tower series 6+7:
78. Stephen King’s It (Horror): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR It2 4!
79. The Shining by Stephen King: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-shining 4!
80. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Astrology Astrology (Zodiac Personalities) 4!
“The driving

force behind a Gemini’s conversation is their mind. The Gemini-born are intellectually inclined,

forever probing people and places in search of information. The more information a Gemini

collects, the better. Sharing that information later on with those they love is also a lot of fun…Literature and art appeal to the person born under this sign. Creativity in almost any form will interest and intrigue the Gemini man or woman”–Astrology

81. The Greater Key of Solomon edited by S.L. Mathers (Angels and Demons, ceremonial Magick): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Greater-key-of-solomon2 4!

82. The Lesser Key of Solomon, The Goetia edited by Aleister Crowley: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-goetia2 4!
83. A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess (futuristic fiction, classic): 4!
114. Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky (classic murder story, written in jail):İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Crime-and-punishment1 4!
88. Illusions: Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Illusions1(new age, inspirational) 4!
89. Aradia or the Gospel of the Witches by Leland İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Aradia1(classic, Witchcraft) 4!
90. The Bell Jar by Sylvia PlathİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Plath (confessional) 4!
91. The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner (classic, fiction) İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 4!
98. Writings of Nostradamus (prophetical): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 4!
99. Life On the Other Side by Sylvia Browne (psychic, new age): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 4!
99a. Edgar Cayce Prophecy (genuine psychic):
100. The Tibetan Book of the Dead (ancient text read to the deceased)(Buddhist, Shamanic): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Eternalflame2
28. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Tao1 Taoist Virtual Library (includes The Art of War by Sun Tzu (Eastern philosophy, Buddhism):
29. The Modern Taoist Sage by Jos Slabbert:
30. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR TreePhilosophy- Wicca, Magic, Occult–Three Green Books (druidism): 4!
30a. The Goddess Sekhmet by Robert Masters:
31. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Pirsig İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Zen-and-the-art-of-motorcycle-maintainance(save file, limit 5 books per 2 weeks this site, look up author’s last name)( Philosophy, Buddhism, inspirational)
103. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Talismn1The Book of Talismans, Amulets and Zodiacal Gems:
105. Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse (Buddhist, fiction):İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Siddhartha1 4!
106. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Steppenwolf Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse (transformative, man is like unto wolf): (save file download)(limit 5 books per 2 weeks downloaded here)(look up author’s last name)
107. Masks of God: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Masks-of-god Primitive Mythology (shamanism): 4!
108. The Gardnerian Book of Shadows (modern Witchcraft revival ):İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Henge
109. The Witch Cult in Western Europe by Margaret Murray: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Mask or download here:
109. Malleus Maleficarum (1486) translated by Montague Summers [1928] (witch’s hammer, text used in inquisition to condemn “evil witches”: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Malleus-maleficarum
110. The History of Witchcraft and Demonology by Montague Summers: 4!
110a. Macbeth by Shakespeare: 4!
111. Vodou in Haitian Life and Culture, Invisible Powers by Karen McCarthy Brown: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Vodou_in_haitian_life_and_culture__invisible_powers1 4!
112. Black Magic: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Black-magic1Religion & the African American Conjuring Tradition: 4!
121. Of the Supreme Mysteries by ParacelsusİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Paracelsus3 (recommended by Gavin and Yvonne of 4!

122. Witchy e-books cache at–various occult books # (a little of the Left hand path included): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 4!

123. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to PhilosophyİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Idiots-philosophy


124.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Spinoza1 The Writings of Spinoza (philosopher):

125. Encyclopedia of the unusual and unexplained (afterlife/mystery religions) 4!

126. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Celtic1 Encyclopedia of Celtic Mythology and Folklore: 4!

2İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Empty İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bir Salı Ağus. 31, 2010 10:08 pm



127. The Iliad, The Odyssey by Homer, The Aeneid by Virgil (ancient classical God/desses and wo/men)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Iliad1 4!

128. Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke (advice to the poet, classic): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Rilke1

129. Mogens and Other Stories by Jens Peter Jacobsen (Rilke’s favorite author): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Mogens-and-other-stories1

130. The Poet’s Companion, İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Poets-companion1 A Guide to the Pleasures of Writing Poetry: 4!

131. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Poetry2 Poetry, Language and Thought: (after download, right click to rotate the page correctly): 4!

132. The Mists of Avalon (fiction, researched, used in Mystical Awareness Class at by BradleyİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Mists-of-avalon 4!

142. The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Crystal-cave(5
book limit per 2 weeks, Save Download, look up author’s last name)
(Magick and fiction){this book is recommended by Gavin and Yvonne Frost

133. Books by Stephen Hawking (Science, his IQ is 3000): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR

134. Franz Kafka, İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR KafkaThe Complete Stories (psychological thrillers):


135. The Stranger by Albert Camus: (brilliant, can’t put it down fiction)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 4!

135a. Peter Kingsley, author of Reality YouTube interview (Author’s relationship with fathers of logic/followers of apollo, divinity):

135b.Parmenides by Plato (The subject of Peter Kingsley’s Reality):

136. Mastering Your Hidden Self: A Guide to the Huna Way by King (polynesian mysticism, uniting of the selves, Hawaiian): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 4!

137. High Magic’s Aid by Gardner. (Witchcraft) (right click and choose zoom in)

139. Clan of the Cave Bear by J. Auel (fiction, life in cro-magnon times) İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Clan-of-the-cave-bear 4!

59. Kali, the Mother (1900): (Hindu)
60. The Rig Veda:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Rig-veda(Hindu)
72.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bhagavad-gita1 The Bhagavad Gita (Hindu): 4!
…………………………………………………………….Art Section………………………………………………………………
and Hindu Gods, Goddesses, Devas Slideshow (at download site, instead
of downloading the Kali portrait, you can view the slideshow–click the
little word “slideshow” on the right): 4!
62. Fantasy Art slideshow (990 photos) {click slideshow on right}: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Kaaya-aquarius1! 4!
63.I’m a black light artist and would like to one day have my own black light posters (check milton.c) İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Black-liteHere is a site with black light posters, numerous, :
64. Another black-lite site with some more trippy posters:
65. Black lite posters followed by fantasy babe posters:
66. Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) (entire collection): After
downloading, right click the blue screen with vermeer written on it and
click next İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 4!
67. Vincent Van Gogh (expressionist)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Van-gogh1
68. Egon Schiele İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Egon-schiele2(expressionist)
69. Gustav Klimt İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Gustav-klimt2(expressionist)
70. Edvard Munch İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Edvard-munch2screensaver (26 images):
……………………………………………………………Back to Books………………………………………………………………………………

140. Another Fantasy art slideshow İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR I117077038_80639(CLICK
SLIDESHOW ON RIGHT) without the little girl dragon this time… I love
this stuff. As a Black lite artist, this appeals: 4!

141.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR A-prayer-for-owen-meany A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving (ENTERTAINING fiction)( limit 5 books per 2 weeks, save download)(look up author’s last name)

Children’s Books

143. White Fang,(wolf’s life through his eyes) The Call of the Wild by Jack London #İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR White-fang1

144.Walden by Henry David Thoreau(Love of nature):İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 4!

145. The Crucible by Arthur Miller (Salem witch trials, Play):İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 4!

146. The Chronicles of Narnia (books 1-7)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Narnia(look up author’s last name, Save Download, 5 book limit every 2 weeks) by C.S. Lewis (Christian mysticism, symbolic fiction)

147. Alice in Wonderland (illustrated) by Lewis Carroll İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Alice15th1 (poetic fiction, lots of symbolism)

148. Lord of the Flies by William Golding (military school students stranded on an island and their struggle)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Lord-of-the-flies1

149. Elfstones of Shannara + other Shannara series books by Terry Brooks # İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Elfstones_cover(Elves an other mythical creatures involved with powerful glowing stones) 4!

150. Grimm’s Fairy Tales by the bros. Grimm (classic children’s literature): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 4!

151. Where the Wild Things Are by Sendak (my favorite when I was very young): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Where-the-wild-things-are 4!

152. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle (read 4th/5th grade and up, fascinating science-fiction): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR A-wrinkle-in-time 4!

153. Watership Down by Richard Adams (audio book): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Watership-down1 4!

154. Or read e-book (Watership Down by Richard Adams) free here: (5
book limit per 2 weeks at this site)(save your download file)(look up
author’s last name)(survival of a few rabbits from a doomed Warren)

155. Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (futuristic and complex, fiction):İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Huxley2 4!

156. The Thief of Always by Clive Barker (Clean<Children’s Literature) (Holiday House, filled with missing children, every day is another holiday) İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Thief-of-always 4!

157. The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame (Animal characters, frog, etc., whimsical interaction): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 4!

158. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Huck-finnTwain (famous for believable dialogue and plot-line, classic father of American fiction, tall-tales): 4!

159. 61 entire books by Isaac Asimov all in one download (exciting
science fiction, Asimov wrote over 100 books, here are quite a few): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 4!

160. Flowers for AlgernonİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Flowers-for-algernon by Daniel Keyes (a retarded worker is abused and develops a special relationship with a mouse): 4!

161. Magic Kingdom For Sale/Sold! İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Magic-kingdom-for-saleby Terry Brooks (whimsical and light fairy tale or science fiction): 4!
162. 1400 Legends of the American Indians #İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Lee_bogle-gentle_reflection1
163. Illusions: Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard BachİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Illusions2 4!
164. The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 4!
165. The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien (basis for the hit
movies) (Adventure, sci-fi): (Save File, Look up author’s last name,
limit 5 books per 2 weeks):
166. Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Rilke2
167.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Outsiders-army-men-002 The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton (Classic, written by child prodigy at 15, greasers gang versus soc’s, the poor versus the wealthy)
(Chapter 1):
168. Entire book: The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton (Save File, 5Book limit per 2 weeks)(look up author’s last name)
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Frankenstein1169. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (The original story of Frankenstein):
170. Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White (A little girl falls in love with a talking pig and a writing spider on her family’s farm): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Charlottes-web
171. Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray BradburyİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Zen (author of Fahrenheit 451): 4!
172. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Dandelion-wine Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury (Science fiction): 4!
173. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (the consequences of a book-burning government): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Fahrenheit (save the file)(limit 5 books per 2 weeks downloaded, here)(look up author’s last name)(look up author’s last name)
174. J. D. Salinger, İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR SalingerThe Catcher in the Rye : (save the file)(5 book per 2 weeks limit)(look up author’s last name)
175. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series 1-5 İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Hitchby Douglas Adams (hilarious, satirical and full of a kind of humorous novelty): 4!
176. The Diary of Anne Frank (The Diary of a Young Girl) (Diary of a young victim of Hitler’s Germany): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Anne-frank1 4!
177. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Detective fiction):İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Sherlock-holmes
178. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-great-gatsby The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (wild parties with flappers and rich folk):
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR A-wizard-of-earthsea179. A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula LeGuin: 4!

Where You See 4!, above, all you need is name, email, and
password to read for absolutely free. You don’t have to wait for a
verification email!
With the downloads above, it you have
difficulty involving scrambled text in a saved file, download it again
and download it each time you read it. Except the books marked, “Save File, limit 5 books (per 2 week period)”. Those you save.

Like Reading Books Online? Look Up Your Favorites Here ( 25 sites with books to read free!

Z.***Poetry: (For more poets, try
)… These poets are followed by links to their works.*** If your page
turns from vertical paragraphs to a long horizontal line of text,
REFRESH the page.
AA.1 Hermann HesseİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Herman-hesse, ***
BB.2 Anne SextonİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Anne-sexton,***
CC.3 W.S. MerwinİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Merwin,***
DD.4 Howard NemerovİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Howard-nemerov,***
EE.5 Donald HallİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Donald-hall,***
FF.6 Elizabeth Bishop
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Elizabeth-bishop1,***
GG.7 İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Ariel (here are the most poems by Sylvia Plath that I could find on the internet, it’s a lot…, *** The Collected Poetry of Sylvia Plath:
HH.8 Edgar Allen PoeİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Edgar-allen-poe,***
II.9 Walt Whitman İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Walt-whitman ***
JJ.10 Charles SimicİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Simic,***
KK.11 Baudelaire İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Baudelaire,***
LL.12 W.B. YeatsİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Yeats LL.363 poems by Yeats free here: ,***
MM.13 William Shakespeare İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Shakespeare,***
NN.14 e.e. cummings İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR E-e-cummings,***
OO.15 T.S.EliotİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR T-s-eliot,***
PP.16 Robert FrostİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Robert-frost,***
QQ.17 Emily DickinsonİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Emily-dickinson,***
RR.18 Matsuo Basho İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Basho(read him here ,***
SS.19 Rainer Maria Rilke İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Rilke, ***
TT.20 HomerİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Homer,***

3İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Empty İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bir Salı Ağus. 31, 2010 10:08 pm



UU.21 Lewis Carroll İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Lewis-carroll,***
VV.22 Lawrence Ferlinghetti İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Lawrence-ferlinghettito me, it’s impossible to get much better than Ferlinghetti:,***
WW.23 Jack KerouacİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Jack-kerouac,***
XX.24 Dylan ThomasİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Dylan-thomas,***
YY.25 Jim Morrison İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Jim-morrison-iii, *** same link as above.
*** new link to a chapter from Lords and New Creatures, his first book of poetry (click “read a chapter” on left)***
ZZ.26 Sappho İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Sappho*** or
More Poetry I like:
Flowers of Evil by Baudelaire, Turtle Island by Gary Snyder, Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror by John Ashbery,
American Visions (Multicultural literature for Writers), The Bellingham
Review, The Sky Clears (poetry of the American Indians) by A. Grove Day, Selected Poetry of Robert Browning, Elizabeth Browning, The Continuous Life by Mark Strand, John Brown’s Body by Benet, Selected Poems of Galway Kinnell, The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens, The Wild Iris+Ararat by Louise Gluck, The Yellow House on the Corner+Firefall by Rita Dove, Lord Byron, Mona Van Dwyn, American Primitive by Mary Oliver
Poetry is like the call of a crow in snowairy and echoing in a great hall.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Krahe-crow
Find Most of These (above) Books At:
Krahe (crow) by Rudi Hurzlmeier available at .
333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 1000 books about every major religion free ( click and read–no downloading) #İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Sacred1

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Thinker185. Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly articles are free on internet and free to subscribe to

Here is a list of Movies that are free to watch below (only full movies are listed here)

1.The Serpent and the Rainbow

2. Where the Buffalo Roam

3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

4. The Exorcism of Emily Rose

5. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

6. The Doors: Live at the Hollywood Bowl*

7. Platoon

8. Friday

9. Natural Born Killers

10. Scary Movie

11. Detroit Rock City

12. It

13 The Craft

14. Altered States

15. The Outsiders

16. Heathers

16a. The Professional

Music Video*

17. The Doors Videos

18. Bob Marley Documentary

19 The Band Videos

20. Grateful Dead Videos

21.Jimi Hendrix Videos

22. Janis Joplin Videos

23. Stevie Ray Vaughan Videos

24. Muddy Waters Videos

25. B.B. King Videos

25a. Widespread Panic Videos

25b. Parliament Funkadelic

Children’s Movies

26. Watership Down

27. Fantasia

28. Dark Side of Oz—Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon

29. The Secret of Nimh

30. Fists of Fury

31. Rikki Tikki Tavi

32. White Fang

33. Lord of the Flies

34. Dead Poets Society

35. Time Bandits

36. Robin Hood


İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Pentacle-4-001
Wands, sword, sword/athame, athame, goblet,
necklaces on the outside, inside–White feather for Air, Potshard for
Earth, Purple candle for Fire, Holy water for Water, An Ankh and
Grandmother’s necklace for Spirit…Center-Sacred Pipe hanging on my Book
of Shadows

This Blog’s Beginning note: Look for the asterisks *** to find entire books available to read for free, Or ****for movies in full free to watch. They are also lettered. To find websites look for !!!!, four exclaimation points.
If you have pentaphobia and are afraid of pentagrams and pentacles,
consider this: Man is the figure in the middle with five appendages and
the earth, Gaia, Mother Earth, God is the round part. The symbol is an
affirmation of man’s being a part of God.
Also, the five points once stood for the five wounds of Christ and
Christians who were hunted would identify eachother secretly with the
sign of the pentacle (pentagram). ”Before the cross, it was a preferred
emblem to adorn the jewelry and amulets of early Christians (followed
by an ‘x’ or a phoenix).”–The Pentagram,
At least since the early 20th century, the pentacle has been the
badge (another pentacle) of the Wiccan faith where we believe in
Reincarnation (also has roots in Christianity and besides if Jesus comes
back, maybe we do too).
We also believe in Duality in nature, therefore, Duality in
Godhood–God/dess–it takes two humans to make the one genuine miracle we
can concieve (a baby) therefore it’s possible and maybe even likely that
there are two making the one world, universe, life and existence.
Also God and Goddess are not exclusive beliefs. Most religions have
duality (Under God); Christians have Jesus and Mary.
Under God or our Ultimate Diety, It; a genderless intelligence
manifest in everything. No one has the one and only true way, it takes
all kinds. Religions are all different paths leading to a single
source. ”All conventional religions suffer from what we call Negative
Dualism. To put it more clearly, they say,”We are right in everything,
and those people over there are wrong.” It’s an either/or setup that
implies a confrontational, belligerent attitude. This attitude causes
religious wars and jihads…IT’S NOT EITHER/OR; IT’S BOTH AND MORE.
Beware of negative dualism.”–Gavin and Yvonne Frost, A Good Witch’s Guide to Life.
If you’re afraid of the pentacle because satanists use it, look at
your own symbol…I mean, they use the cross just the same as the
pentagram, they invert both. But we’re not afraid of the inverted
pentacle either. In Wicca, it represents incoming energy. Also, the
inverted cross has not always evil connotations. Saint Peter was
crucified on an inverted cross at his wish to show that he was not
trying to replace Jesus. The inverted cross is known as St. Peter’s
We like to claim our faith as old, it gives credibility and comfort
to our vows. So we are proud to know that the pentacle was found etched
in caves at the beginning of known history. It may have been a
drawing of the path of a star in the night sky, some propose. Many
cultures used and revered the pentagram/pentacle. Mayans, India, China,
Greece, Babylon, Sumer, most of them related the pentacle with
astronomy and religion.
As far as the debate between Evolution and Creation…It would make a
lot of sense that God/dess would create something that changes…consider
for a moment your maturity or the impulse of emotion… These change with
the second, not just the day. God/dess created something that evolves.
There shouldn’t be this debate of which is right, if you accept that a
snake can have skin like bark and a head like a leaf…Obvious gifts from
God or Evolution? ”It is this that is the ultimate message of
Esotericism: that evolution continues, and that the purpose of each
life is to grow into the Image set for us by our Creator: to attain and
reveal our own Divinity.”–***The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-golden-dawn ***The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic by Israel Regardie (over 1000 pages) free to read here: *** ***
Keep your beliefs, but add a suffix here or there, a clause to say,
maybe, If I die this way, I go here, but if I die the other ways, I go
there. And realize it’s about, still, your life in the present and what
you have to go through. Things leading up to your death might
precipitate your happy hunting-ground so to speak.
An’ It Harm None, is the motto I most like to live by. I believe in
peaceful abiding. ”The witch knows that insight comes from within, from
the symbolism present in the natural world, and from other worlds.”–The Shamanic Witch (Spiritual Practice Rooted in the Earth and Other Realms) by Gail Wood.
I’m different from many practitioners of the magical arts because I
rely almost solely on the mind to right any given situation. I don’t
put much stock in spells, recipes for success, or even candle color
coordination…These work for me only in the brief moment that I realize
there could be underlying meaning in a phrase, in a series of actions or
in a color. The rest of the excercise is a loss for me. I do enjoy
reading of animal totems, but my deeply held beliefs are made up by me,
not a book. They are influenced by good reading, though.
Thought-provoking books abound regarding Witchcraft, Shamanism, Magick,
Philosphy and the Occult and it’s easy to become fascinated.
Imagination is my main source of religion and the afterlife is a ripe
seed. I use books as platforms to build upon. Reading takes me places
along dark labyrinths and open fields among trees. Many books use a lot
of imagery and are easy to be lost in. My problem happens when
Solitaries are neglected and one is asked to have someone read to
him/her. Whatever I get from a book is from reading it, usually. I may
be ignorant to the intentions of circle and spell work, but I’d prefer
it all to be in my head. When I read of shamanism, I am turned off by
too much guided meditation and prescribed journey work. I work alone,
and I’m not willing to memorize each stage, then enact each phase of
thought, because I end up acting, not journeying. I love hearing what
people are thinking, not listening to them tell me what to think.
“Magic can, indeed, be performed by a person without movement,
without touching physical tools, without even uttering a single word of
power. For some, this is the most potent form of magic, for it uses
only the power of our minds and bodies. But this isn’t natural magic”–Earth, Air, Fire & Water by Scott Cunningham
My Journeys, Spells, ESP and beliefs come from within. I keep my
magic in my mind. Most of the time, I do not erect a circle and this
has not been disasterous as some would have me believe it would. When I
meditate, I work on being quiet in my head, when I pray, the same. I’m
a solitary witch. I have my way and that’s what works for me. I am
mostly clairvoyant and clairaudient with intuition as kicker. I talk in
my head like I would outloud. My visions interrupt my life and I try
to influence them for the better of the people in the vision and myself
and my mental health. As the Frosts pointed out, to better the
situation for the people or advance their souls, it is necessary for the
wrongdoer to be reprimanded. This is a positive experience, at least
for the victim. One cannot advance when one is violent. An’ it harm
none. I can’t be a superhero for everyone, but at least for the
conscious visionary who can make a difference, I can save as many as I
see clearly in my head. I try to end the nightmare, or daymare, as it
may be.
“Power through Knowledge…the power we are writing about is not that
of a mighty engine, nor yet of the dollar. It is the power or the life
force that is within every one of us and surrounding every one of us.
The power we use is like the chi of the martial artist. It is called
vril in Germany and prana in India. Wiccans believe that thoughts have
power; nor are they alone in that belief.”—Gavin and Yvonne Frost, A Good Witch’s Guide to Life
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Casow Church and School of Wicca, Gavin and Yvonne Frost
If you want to study the roots of Modern Magick and Witchcraft,
A. E. Waite is a masterful authority on the subject and he informs us
of what historically our people have been doing. He is on – par with
Crowley and should be utilized as a teacher by the Occultist. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Ae-waite1 Here is The Book of Ceremonial Magick by A. E. Waite in it’s entirety for free:

Indian Warrior by Milton Dodd. I support the
Arts: Creative Art (Painting), Fine Art (Musician), Dramatic Art
(Actor, Stagehand), Liberal Arts (Poet, Journal
Writer)…MBD The black
cat slinked like a lynx down the side of a wide ditch. It followed the
flowing water of this night’srain. It’s coat shimmering blue, the tom
sniffed the air, looked up at the flourescent light above it, moons
glowing in it’s eyes.Going back up the incline of the ditch, it spotted
it’s destination. A small cottage across a stone bridge.
Aftergathering his strength, he raced across the bridge and hopped up on
a window sill.

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 4thgradecats-0011
They look exactly like cats I made in 3rd Grade. I was proud but my teacher, Bob Carl never gave it back

Anything can be the world, the universe, life and the all. Any one thing, be it a waterfall, or a seashell
contains the essence of the All. The black cat is the all.
Other than that, the black cat represents the dark night of the soul, the eternal, the star, and the chasm.
The void and the bright light…Little ninja foot-prints all over the cold snowstorm…The cat is IT!

Snow Ninja: no longer available at Sierra Toy Soldier Co.

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Black-concrete-cat-001The
black cat is a witch. I’ve been a Solitary Witch for at least 21
years. I dedicated myself to The Craft at an early age. Before I did,
at around six years old, I was fascinated by innate supernormal powers,
the supernatural mind power of clairvoyance, clairsentience,
clairolfaction, and other ESP practices. I wanted to be able to move
things with my mind, but was reasonable enough to settle for close
encounters. I thought I had great potential as a psychic and I never
wavered in my belief in personal mind power. When I went to the
library, on a few occasions, I would leave the children’s section after a
quick perusal of the bottom two rows and make my way over to the adult
ESP section. I studied texts that were above my level of reading but I
got the general idea.

4İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Empty İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bir Salı Ağus. 31, 2010 10:10 pm



One of my Books of Shadows
As time passed, I tried reading more modern interpretations of the
subject in the new age section of the bookstore. More recently I read a
couple books on the subject, one I can’t remember the name of, but if
you find a psychic book which describes the operative centers as having
funnels, buy it. {I found it in my old notes, it’sİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR You-are-psychic You Are Psychic
by Pete A. Sanders. He describes ways to tap the psychic mind with
minimal effort, concentrating on centers on the body: Here it is for
sale $1.99: }
The other is the
A.***Remote Viewing Manual (Read Free Here): ***
Remote Viewers were a group of government funded psychics whose program started before the 80s…I also read
Remote Viewers by Schnabel,İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Remote-viewers( 1 cent book at amazon +Shipping & Handling (Buy book here):
which is a long book describing the glaring successes made by
these hard working people. They could draw or describe situations and
objects across the world with extreme accuracy.
A ***memoir of Ingo Swann, a leading Remote Viewer known as the father of Remote Viewing is published here: *** *** and the International Remote Viewing Association, which was founded in 1999 has articles and book excerpts*** to read here:***
Getting back to childhood, I read fantasy novels above my level, like Elfstones of Shannara and Magic Kingdom (For Sale)/Sold! by Terry Brooks {read free here:
Two supermarket books spurred me further, “Almost Magic” and Agents of Insight. Almost Magic
was about a psychic girl who forsaw tragic events and eleminated the
danger by notifying the ones who could change it. Things like, the
child knowing who was on the phone and when her friend was in trouble
convinced me that I could and would be psychic.
Agents of InsightİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Agents-of-insight (add to your booklist for 1cent+Shipping..(Buy book here):
Agents of Insight was meant for adults, as it had a detailed
rape scene and a few cuss words, but the psi-bolts thrust by spies at
eachother was right up my alley. It was my favorite book for many
Then I read Clive Barker’s Books of Blood (mature).
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Books7-0021B.***Books of Blood by Clive Barker Vol. 1+2 İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Icon_sad mature)(Read Free Here): *** Books of Blood Vol. 1-3 here: Books of Blood, 4-6 here:
The Hellbound Heart (Hellraiser was based on this book) by Clive Barker:
Books of Blood is a compilation of intricate stories and
descriptive , hair-raising turns which constantly entertain. When I was
a child I read Books of Blood, Vol.s 4+5+6….These I stole from
the mall bookstore and read in a frenzy. A dark thing grew inside me
and I knew I was of the night, whether or not I was an actual witch did
not come to me fully until later, after I read the meaningful and
Aleister Crowley İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR AleistercrowleyC.***(Read Free Here): of Crowley)***İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Book4
from whom much Wicca is drawn.
***Book 4 (ABA), here,
***is my favorite book by The Beast and stands alone as one of the best
books I’ve ever read. It is an account of magic, meditation and
religion. Muhammed, Christ and Buddha are compared as super geniuses at
one point. Reading this book is a full lesson in Magick for the mind
and body with negligible props. Enjoy, here, free to read.
***The Equinox by Crowley (his most extensive publication) in it’s entirety:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Equinox ******
By the way, as the list goes on, Book of Lies is here to read free: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Book-of-lies It’s
my second favorite by Aleister Crowley. It’s full of encrypted sayings
and prophetic quips plus a little gibberish as is his wont to warn the
foolish. Book of Lies and Book 4 are available to read for free above in “Libri of Crowley” along with many others.
I heard from a friend that I met at a writer’s workshop at UVA that
an actual witch worked at a shop called Out of the Dark (no longer a
bookstore)in Newport News. I knew witches were just common people and
that anyone could be one but I had yet to speak knowingly to one. The
next year, I was 16 and I drove to the shop. She had jewelry and books
and altar tools for sale. I loved it. Her son, a young boy with wild
hair climbed on everything. I asked her what she recommended for a new
witch and she gave me a jewel of a book called, “Drawing Down the Moon” by Margot Adler. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Drawing-down-the-moon
BuyDrawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler for $1.18 here:
The cover alone was worth the cost. It showed a giant circle of
candles in jars on a beach at sunrise or set and a lone witch saluting
the sun with arms raised. Very beautiful.
The book covered so many
aspects of Wicca, paganism and magick that I was hard pressed to put it
down. It piqued my interest in each subject, except perhaps Radical
Faeries, which are a group of like minded gay men who are known to
frolic naked together. Since then I’ve recovered from my homophobia.
Everything else fitted my imagination and understanding of God, Goddess,
The World, Hypocrisy, How we fit in the cosmos and how ironic science’s
and god/dess’s relationship to wo/man really is. I also bought from
her a book called, D.!!!!***”Rune Magic” by Donald ***Tyson. {his website: !!!! .!!!!..or… ***İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Enochian-magicEnochian Magic for Beginners by D. Tyson is available at 4shared for free, just sign up…***(Read Free Here:***

THE BEST Rune Book on the market

Tyson’s Rune Magic is an all-inclusive treatment of the
meaning, history and uses of Runes. In all the time since I bought the
Tyson book, there hasn’t been another Rune book that comes close to the
scope of this book. There’s even a final chapter which gives poems for
each Rune (runes were a form of poetry) which encompass the meaning, as
pertaining to prediction, evocation and invocation and what gods,
planes and otherworld things are involved. Here is a poem from the text
about the rune, Eoh.
Ancient sentinel of the doorway
Between the shadows and the light
Stand I, strong in years
I watch, and am silent
Where I am, there is a way in
And a way out
A guide that will not fail
Deep roots draw power from hidden spheres
Magic lies locked in my heart
I bend, I do not break
The bolt flies to the center of desire
In the silence, old songs are sung
Mossy with ages, groaning with eons
To the mute dead in the resting cells
Their flesh my food
My thoughts, their memories
My nerves and sinews hem them down
In the dark womb of their mother
But carry whispers of change
Murmurs of hope
From the face of the sun
—Donald Tyson, Rune Magic
I couldn’t get Tyson’s Rune Magic on file but I got a good book about Runes and their uses and meanings***here is A Beginner’s Guide to Runes. *** You can learn alot from this book.***
E***Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Complete-book-of-witchcraft***(read free here): )***
was my next major purchase and I read it, learning the ways to dedicate to the art. Here is a meaningful quote from The Complete Book of Witchcraft:
“The Craft is a religion of love and joy. It is not full of

the gloom of Christianity, with its ideas of “original sin”,

with salvation and happiness possible only in the

afterlife. The music of Witchcraft is joyful and lively,

again contrasting with the dirge-like hymns of Christianity.

Why is this? Why are Wiccans more content;

more warm and happy? Much of it has to do with their

empathy with nature. Early people lived

hand-in-hand with nature through necessity. They were

a part of nature, not separate from it. An animal was a

brother or a sister, as was a tree. Wo/Man tended the

fields and in return received food for the table. Sure,

s/he killed animals for food. But then many animals

kill other animals in order to eat. In other words,

Woman and Man were a part of the natural order of

things, not separate from it. Not “above” it.

Modern Wo/Man has lost much, if not all, of that

closeness. Civilization has cut them off. But not so the

Witch! Even today, in this mechanized, super-sophisticated

world that this branch of nature (Woman and

Man) has created, the Wicca retain their ties with

Mother Nature.”–Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft

I like my rituals to be
spread out, with mental rituals of empowerment occuring nearly every
day. Imagining myself a witch and reading of the Gods and Goddesses has
given me perspective and I now consider myself a witch. I’ve been told
that what I do is Shamanism and I’m flattered. My IQ is 1002.5 to 1005.2 (with a peak of 1030,
rarely) and I am always impressed withthe mind power inherent in
shamanism… to be able to heal with the spirit and mind combined is an
amazing accomplishment. With altered states built into the mind, it
only makes sense that man would resort to plants and things like
isolation to advance. Primative mankind had to face the world anew each
day and with rudimentary medicine could accomplish such feats as those
described in the Ica Stones of Peru. The Ica Stones of Peru show in
picture form highly detailed depictions of surgery, interaction with
dinosaurs and what scientists think is possibly !Space Travel!…The
actual stones are in number of 11,000 individually carved stones with a
patina of age which is ancient if not paleolithic. {My source claims
he’s certain they’re from 1800 b.c.e.} Here is a site with information
about the Ica Stones of Peru..!!!!

!!!!(Website here): !!!! there are pictures of the stones on this site…New Find! Ica Stones Reproductions for $82 total including S&H here:

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Ibs3-ica-stone
Ica stone showing dinosaur interaction with man

!!!!Also if you would like the viewpoint of one with an IQ of 3000 then check here (Website here)!!!!: Stephen Hawking’s Universe !!!! will
expand yours…The universe, space is to us what the ocean was in olden
days…It appears insurmountable until the right craft is built.

Skrying/ Magic Mirrors
I’ve been making magic mirrors for skrying ever since I learned
how. Here’s how to make a great and effective skrying mirror for less
than $10 and probably for nothing since you likely have the essentials
at your house.

essentials: 1 clean, preferably framed window or picture frame of a size you desire
2. black paint
task: 1. pour an even and thin layer of paint on one side of the glass, the opposite side will be viewed
(I say “pour” . You can brush it on but that leaves streaks usually)
2. Let it dry.
3. I’ve painted an oval and magic symbols on the viewing side but this is unneccesary and could draw the eye.
4.How to skry or basically see stuff of importance when interpreted by you…here:
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bookslightcats-0051
The Jaguar that Roams the Mind: An Amazonian Plant Spirit Odyssey
still sits unfinished on my bookshelf. This is not because it is no
good but because I get a lot from reading a little when I read it. It’s
the story of a man, the author, and his experiences with alcoholism and
drug addiction and the story of rhabilitation in the cities and wilds
of the Amazonian jungle. His approach is honest and refreshing. Most
wouldn’ t think moving from street drugs and alcohol to Amazonian
hallucinogens would do anything but complicate matters. The author
tells us that his success story is shared by very many in the Amazon.
There, therapy, shamanism, religion and plant use go hand in hand. He
finds his power animal, a jaguar, in the midst of a ceremony in which
the whole group of people have imbibed tribal concoctions of plants. He
relates the deeply felt Catholicism that permeates the Amazon,
syncretized with ancient tribal practice and belief. As I said, I
haven’t read the whole thing yet but it’s definantly a good book with a
positive message.

5İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Empty İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bir Salı Ağus. 31, 2010 10:11 pm



by Robert Tindall
“The witch’s idea that all time and place is fluid fits with the
concept of the shaman walking across the worlds, accessing inner
landscapes and other worlds to find wisdom. Both the shaman and the
witch understand that all life is connected and what one creature does
affect(s) all others. Moreover, the worlds that meld together are the
worlds of the physical and the spiritual. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Ceremony
In Shamanism, there is an understanding that there is an ordinary
reality and a nonordinary reality, to use a term coined by Carlos
Castaneda. Then nonordinary reality is the world that is hidden and
cannot be viewed or sensed by our physical senses. This reality is
known by different names by different cultures; the Void, the parallel
universe, the Otherworld, and the Dreamtime are all names for the cosmos
that intersects with our earth world, or ordinary reality. None of
these realities is better than the other; these are terms to distinguish
how the realities are perceived, sensed, and understood.”–(The Shamanic
Cosmos) The Shamanic Witch by Gail Wood.
Poem of the Dead by Milton Dodd, 9-28-2009
I have spoken to the dead
And of them I have read.
To them, I have said,
“When you’re deceased, what goes on in your head?”
“Eventual peace, dark after pain every day, seeing red”
“Three years of murderous pain upon the daily hour of my death.”
“And I killed, only to watch TV or read a newspaper, to sit in a chair or bed.”
“Then I would disappear into the dark for a long time, needing nothing, unfed.”
I asked, “Did you think to yourself, were you yourself, Ned?”
“The thoughts were long and drawn out, being wed
to silent black led
back slowly to haunting the passing and passed.”
A little boy, “I can throw a penny and hit a window to scare the bad.”
I said, “Let me tell you of what we have today which is not corrupted,”
“We had that”they would say, “That we Said.”
Along with Shamanism studies comes appreciation for Native American culture. I’m part Cherokee and part İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Medicine-dogChoctaw, but mostly Carrefour/Caddo,
among mixed heritage. I’m 9/10ths Native American. My tribe, Carrefour
has only 482 kinsmen and I’m mostly Carrefour. I look like a
Carrefour, also. My appearance is almost exactly that of pictures of
historical Carrefour Native Americans. I’m only 1/3 Caddo, but only 3
Native Americans are more Carrefour than I am. I’m new to this
information and for one who always looked up to Native American icons,
it feels like coming home. I’m always proud to meet the First
Americans, as I have in VA, Mississippi and New Mexico. They are
incredibly kind and genuine.
To read the best autobiography of a Native American available on the modern market, Mary Crow Dog’s Lakota Woman
is ingenious and warm and sharp as a war cry. Starting in stifling
Indian School and graduating to American Indian Movement membership in
the 60s and 70s, Mary was there for the confrontation at Wounded Knee.
Her war was with oppression and people like Dickie Wilson who brought
full scale war to the reservation. Her stance is firm and she will
win! This book was required reading in my college course: American
Indian Identity, Racial Ambiguity. And it should be required reading
for anyone interested in Native American culture and pride. Plus the
sequel, İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Lakota-womanOhitika Woman by Mary Crow Dog (author was the bare-chested Native American girl at the concert in The Doors film),
buy Lakota Woman for $1.99 here:

Native American figure bought on

F***For 1400 legends, teachings, stories of Native American Descent, Culture and Belief, free to read, click here:***İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR I-am-crow1
At, above, there are many pieces of art such as this
painting called I am Crow, plus other wares, clip art, backgrounds and
photos for free and for sale. It’s really a ton of stuff, all related
to Native Americans.
If you’re in VA Beach, off of Independence in the shopping center across from the Cinema N Drafthouse, a great shop, American Heritage
{(757)-497-3334}offers Native American wares, art, music and
t-shirts…It’s the best in the area, run by Mattaponi Natives (indigenous
to this area)…ask for the book American Indian Ceremonies by Medicine Hawk and Grey Cat.
Medicine Hawk is a Native American and Grey Cat is a Pagan; they work
very well together in this book. There are descriptions of what Native
Americans do with stones in circles; the medicine wheel, a list of what
used to be put in the sacred pipe (some are dangerous) and animal
totems explained. Another beautiful cover with a White Owl center. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Amerindian
buy Medicine Hawk and Grey Cat’s book here ($1.99): (buy book here):İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Books4-0042

tomahawk pipe $14.95 at

For the discerning collector who can’t afford the expensive stuff,
has all sorts of things Native American if you scroll to the bottom of
the page, not only pipes, but shields, dreamcatchers, wall hangings
etc. Definantly look at the jewelry page at the breastplate chokers and
the large breastplate for $100.
Certain smells and sights bring me back to those beginning years:
Sandalwood incense, which is accredited with psychic power (only the dry
sandalwood, for me– not the oily kind or mixed type) can take me to the
time in my early teens that I sat in the dark staring at candles
thinking about what I’d read and who I was and was to become. I kept
seeing being a witch as something both not to be told to someone and as
something one achieved in the future after much study and
experimentation. I thought that by the time I was twenty or so, I’d be
an adept witch.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bookslightcats-027
What I’ve found to be true, for me, is that Wicca/Witchcraft is a religion and you can choose to be one.
That’s it. Be one and learn from books and people what it means to be a witch.
“Calling oneself “Witch” does not make a Witch—

but neither does heredity itself, nor the collecting of

titles, degrees and initiations. A Witch seeks to

control the forces within her/himself that make

life possible in order to live wisely and well without

harm to others and in harmony with Nature.”–Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 194-stitch1If you need people to connect with and learn Wicca or Paganism and you live near Norfolk, Va., there’s a shop calledİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Mystic-moon Mystic Moon !!!!!!!! which hosts the largest weekly meeting
of witches and pagans on the east coast…It takes place in the parking
lot of the flea market across the street from Mystic Moon on Military
near the airport. It’s every Monday, starting at 7:30pm…It takes the
form of an informal healing drum circle. Feel free to bring a drum and join in (I did).

Another store with two floors full of figures, books, t-shirts, black lights and posters, CDs, knives, swords, candles and more is

!!!! FantasyİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Fantasy on Jefferson in Newport News, VA. If you can make it out there, it’s pretty fantastic. Website here: !!!!

I’ve read way too many introductory books on Wicca. I have gotten
the point. To that end, I have a recommendation to any up and coming
witch who needs a book list.

!!!! Try(Website) !!!! for their catalog and library.
These two hold the most indespensible booklist for an intelligent
seeker that I can find. It’s a site that I like. Run by a PHD,
Doctorate and a Mensa member (that’s the genius group), it is a school
and a church. These people made the religion of Wicca a legal Church.
The school is a multitude of correspondence courses including a
children’s course. I took the essential wicca course but had to drop
out for lack of the twenty dollars monthly it requires. I got straight
A’s while I was a part of it. I learned this psalm from their course:
Psalm 82:6 Is it not writ in your laws that ye are all gods and children of the most high? Jesus quotes this psalm in his defense.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR One-world1
The symbols of fourteen religions are shown. Clockwise from the North Pole, they are:
Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Shinto,
Sikhism, Taoism, Wicca, Zoroastrianism, and Druidism. This Glyph was transferred from
!!!! … (Read, Website) !!!!
One religion I have a particular affection for is Taoism with it’s descriptive and masterful poetry.
Here is a ***Taoist Virtual Library with articles and books such as ***Sun Tzu’s The Art of WarİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-art-of-war1: ***
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bookslightcats-026
II. Poem for the brat across the street who cut my flower and left it.
Twilight Femme
O, broken stem
of purple, pink flower,
beloved even by men
For power
it gives to them…
And on the plant, light shone when
dawn caressed a shower
And wet stalk and root did grow.
Till night enclosed shade to cool
and moon made it’s inner sap drool
like great waves and menstrual cycles,
a dark thunderstorm putting out nitrogen
Strengthening the hem
of bud to green branch.
Until it fully recovered
and put out new growth.
Milton Dodd June 2009
Over 170 Books I like and over 33 comics Plus, over 62 movies that I
love/ many with links to full showings of the movies on YouTube…Most of
the books I’ve read in recent years…But, I’ve read a lot more than this
!!!! Barnes and Noble Booksellers:!!!!
I also have links to sites where some of the books can be read for
free, don’t forget summer reading! Or Book Reports! Where you see, or 4shared, all you need is an e-mail to join and read for
free! You don’t have to wait for a return e-mail, just sign in and
you’re there
The Grimoire of Lady Sheba–Read the first 6 pages of this book (click on ”search inside this book on left”) and buy it used for under $3 here:
It seems the most genuine reputedly old book of shadows, quite
conceivably passed down from the burning times. These are the
rules of engagement for a surviving witch during the inquisition and
further instruction on spells from Lady
Real Magic by Isaac
Bonewits: explains a lot about sympathetic magic and the psychic
switchboard where you can be anywhere with anyone at anytime. If it
were written today, I’m sure the switchboard would be called internet.
Describes things like psychic experiences in which one brother is
drowning and the other brother tastes the water, feels constriction,
sees dark water and feels the coldness of it. This book is accessible
and indespensible to a modern witch, pagan or alternative seeker, even
one interested solely in ESP.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Real-magic!!!!
his Website: !!!!
Isaac Bonewits played devil’s advocate in lectures on a soapbox in
college. He was so convincing in his speeches that he was recruited by
The Church of Satan. He was a member for a short while and then got out
of it, speaking out against Satanism and the Corruption he
encountered. He became Wiccan, then a Druid. Many influential or at
least intelligent seekers end up being Druids. Though started as a joke
in a college, the Druid Movement is widespread and holds meetings among
other places, at Stonehenge and standing stones sites. They wear white
robes but not conical hats. They know Magick and have a spiritual
relationship to nature, especially trees. Here is Three Green Books about Druidism: Two more titles that I’ve read some of and would recommend to the individual interested in Druidism are The Mysteries of Druidry İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Mysteries-of-druidry
and Druid Magic İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Druid-magic1They are both magickal and connected to nature beautifully.
I purchased a small book of Edgar Cayce medicinal recommendations
from the bookstore at the Association of Research and Enlightenment here
in VA BCH which was founded by him. I used it to do a report for my
Psych 101 class at ODU. It was fascinating that he could speak of
things which a man in his place most likely did not have recourse to
know and he saved many lives by lying on his back in a trance dictating
letters to the infirm and sick. His seems a very real and well utilized
power. He gave many remedies and said cancer could be cured by eating 4
almonds every day. I don’t know if that’s true, but more often than
not his accuracy was dead-on.
The Santeria Experience by Gonzalez -Wippler, Beat Reader published by The Viking Portable Library, Dark Harbor by Mark Strand, William Blake,
The Power of the Word by Donald Tyson is a well informed case
history of sacred language, especially “Tetragrammaton,” the ineffable
name of god. For centuries, this sacred name was secret and only clergy
(monks) knew it. It was illegal to pronounce it. Magicians and
witches used it to connect with God. The name can be broken down
numerically and it’s number is coincidal with many Altars in the Bible
(the number of stones in their construction among many other
Moon Magic by Dion Forture is a transformatiuve text in which a
hurried and harranged gentleman falls under the spell of a Goddess in
human form. She teaches him Magick and how to be the God to her
Goddess. You don’t have to look far to see real magick at work in this
book. The accounts of the pages here could easily be a notebook kept
by a Ceremonial Magician and Moon worshipper. She’s writing in a time
when not all witchcraft laws have been repealed. She’s a catalyst and
landmark in the history of the Craft as we know it today. She, Aleister
Crowley and Israel Regardie are responsible for a great number of the
beliefs and systems pertaining to modern Witchcraft and Magick.
American Night+Wilderness by Jim Morrison İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR WildernessG.*** Ladies and Gentlemen!– some of Jim Morrison’s Poetry ***(Read Free Here):,***new link to a chapter from Lords and New Creatures, his first book of poetry (click “read a chapter” on left) ***,

Jim Morrison is not just a drugged Rock and Roll star, he’s a Poet.
In his poetry, the Lizard King drags his belly through the heat and
sends the reader reeling into the sun. His imagery has a deep root in
reality, albeit his reality. He was homeless when he wrote some of the
above and one can feel the weather’s oppression. He was buried with a
bust on his grave in the midst of Greats and he does deserve it.
No One Here Gets Out Alive,
The İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Electric-kool-aid-acid-testElectric Kool-Aid Acid Test
describes the parties and lives of the Merry Pranksters, affiliates of
Grateful Dead and the Acid Tests where LSD, a new drug, was used by
groups of partiers, music was played, speakers were in the woods
and almost everything was recorded. It’s an exciting look at hippie
life in the sixties.
An excerpt of The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe:
32a. read free e-book of The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe ( limit 5 books per 2 weeks downloaded here (save file download)(look up author’s last name):
Power Secrets from a Sorcerer’s Private Magnum Arcanum By Gavin and Yvonne Frost,
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Rogue-warriorRogue Warrior
by Marcinko: written in jail, this is the account of a Navy Seal’s
escapades, risks, comradery and authority issues. The author flexes his
muscles and relates tests of strength and endurance such as his once
swallowing an intact cobra venom sack on a dare. He is crazy. And a
hero. His story is shared by many fighting men, though it is
Solitary Witch by Silver Ravenwolf: What I like about this
book is it’s size; I haven’t started to finish all 557 pages of this
book. And the subject is my favorite of all. Solitaries are the most
eclectic at their best and this fits my personality. There are a few
really good charts and lots of other information to chew on. Plus,
unlike a lot of Silver’s stuff, not all the information is geared to a
teen girl. The beginning of the title is The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation
and there’s a descussion in each chapter which pertains to teens, but
it’s easy to skip that if you aren’t one or a parent of one.

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Gavin-and-yvonne
Worthy Teachers, Gavin and Yvonne Frost

‘A Witch’s Grimoire of Ancient Omens, Portents, Talismans, Amulets and Charms’ by G. and Y. Frost,
Yvonne says about her own book that every one she’s seen has been
well worn. This may have to do with the printing press as the book
tends to fall apart. Just kidding. It does, but this is truly an
indespensible book. Making talismans is gone over in detail and I feel
like I know what I’m doing with them because of the experience from this
book. Many case studies, examples and personal accounts put this text
together. Beginning to talk about Omens and Portents, s/he says,”Once
you become feasac or Witch-like in your awareness, the habit of alertness will become second nature to you.”
Peyote Religion: A History by Omer C. Stewart,
Lame Deer-Seeker of Visions –is
about a holy man who amongst other things, kept to the sacred pipe even
after trying the relatively new Peyote. This is the biography of
an elder and Richard Erdoes, the talented Native American’s biographer
puts it together succinctly. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Lame-deer(Buy Book Here):,
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Dreamtime-and-innerspaceDreamtime and Innerspace: The World of the Shaman
by ‘Kalweit, Kubler-Ross. When I recieved this book as a gift from
Pauline Kusiak in the mid-90s, it was the best book about Shamanism that
I’d ever read. Though there have been runners-up such as The Reader
in Comparative Religion, to this day no book on the subject has so
captured the heart of Shamanism and handed it to the reader. Almost
romantic, it doesn’t read too clinically and the stories of the Shamans
are revealed with eloquence. I love this book; you will too. ’(buy
book for $6.98 ) ,‘Quanah Parker, Comanche Chief” by Hagan, Skinwalkers by Tony Hillerman, Sitting Bull Biography,
***Walt Whitman is an immortal poet whose self love led
to a world of shining knowledge and care for fellow men/women. His
lyricism is equalled by no one in our generations. His poetry digs into
war and love equally and his freedom is envied by all self-respecting
poets. Here is his İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Leaves-of-grass***Leaves of Grass, free to read***

H.***HOWL AND OTHER POEMS by Allen Ginsberg İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Howl ***(read Howl free here:,***Howl
has been banned and loved, rejected for homosexuality (of which, there
is very little) and embraced for the freedom one feels flowing through
the verses. Please don’t pass up this opportunity to enjoy one of the
Beat generation’s most celebrated authors, here to be read for free!

Another author villainized and banned is represented here in
excerpts. Beat writer, William S. Burroughs is often shocking and
seemingly immoral, but he retains his head amidst his heroin addiction
and homosexual underground lifestyle. His irony is clear and forceful
mixed with truth regarding stories of addicts, pushers and street thugs
of his time. Here are a few quickies of his writing to be swallowed,
injected or smoked at your own pace.; İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR William-s-burroughs (some dead links on this site)
Look at the beginning of this blog to find more books by W.S. Burroughs.
I.***Psychic Self Defense-***The Sea PriestessİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Sea-priestess.Moon Magic-The Goat Foot God by Dion Fortune ***(Read free here): (Read more Dion Fortune books ***here: Dion Fortune:,
Sea Priestess: (absolutely great book, blends magick and fiction enchantingly)*** Sea Priestess
by Dion Fortune is a brilliantly interwoven story of preparing for a
Goddess with construction, imagination and even decoration. This book
epitomizes the ideal I search for in keeping a living space or building
an altar. Very readable.
***İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Encyclopedia-of-ancient1Occult–Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Secrets
is an authoritative text with an alphabetical list of subjects running
199 pages. It should inform and entertain. Here to read for free:
****** İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Books3-0021The Complete Book of Voodoo by Robert Pelton,
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Gods-grave-scholars‘Gods, Graves and Scholars’
by C.W. Cerum–this is the story of our modern archaeology and it’s
history, which is relatively recent. Infused with bountious
discoveries, robbery, governmental agencies, murder and scholarly
research, this history is chock full of entertainment.
Faeries by Brian Froud and Alan Lee has brilliant
illlustration, perfect for any child’s imagination or adult’s
appreciation. I remember having it as a child and it’s more mature than
I thought, with the faeries not always getting along with humans (not
all are good). Not scary, though.
The Great Shark Hunt by Hunter S. Thompson: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-great-shark-hunt1 +The Curse of Lono+The Rum Diary+Songs of the Doomed by
Hunter S. Thompson, I heard on the radio some blurb that went, “This a
party like you read about!” If you take that statement without sarcasm
then you have Hunter S. Thompson. He is a drug fiend with writing
skills which can relate the interworkings of a gathering or a drug
trip. Very fun to read.

6İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Empty İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bir Salı Ağus. 31, 2010 10:16 pm



Witchcraft, the Sixth Sense and Us was recommended by Gavin
and Yvonne Frost and it has been a favorite of mine. The book is
enthralling and I couldn’t put it down. It’s kind of old, but not
outdated. It suggests deep meaning in being a witch.
Witches by Hans Holzer, The Encyclopedia of Magic and Witchcraft, Totems by Brad Steiger, A History of Witchcraft by Russell,

My Vodou Queen. Locally you can find her (without red cloth and chain) at Positive Vibes on Indian River Road.

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Books4-001İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Books4-002İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Long-road-out-of-hellThe Long Road out of Hell by
Marilyn Manson, I worked at the VA Beach Ampitheatre for a few years as
a stagehand and I got to meet or be spotlight for many greats in the
field of music. My favorite was Ozzy Osborne who I was spotlight for.
Anyway, I saw what shows are all about and it helped put a stage under
Marilyn Manson’s boots when I was reading his book. I never worked for
him, but his story could be any number of musicians on the hard rock
scene. He’s extremely unique and twisted, though. He explains his
start toward Satanism and explores his beginnings with hard drugs
(especially his love of cocaine). Rock is like that. His S&M is
elaborated upon and we see his childhood, with perverted adults around
him. Really in-depth and honest. I especially enjoyed the interviews
near the middle of the book. Marilyn Manson is a Satanic Priest
indoctrinated by Anton Lavey himself. Here’s İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Satanic-bible2***Lavey’s Satanic Bible free to read***:
*** I don’t have any experience in Satanism. I’m curious and would
like to look at the literature behind the cult. I’ve always liked
Baphomet and I bought a figure of him a while back. I’m not afraid of
this book. It’s not going to convert me. I like to have an open mind.
The part I read said we should “crush” our enemies and corrupt
religions. I’m not sure which way to go with that. Isaac Bonewits was a
member of the Church of Satan and he claims that they’re the corrupt
ones. I’m pretty sure that’s true for a majority of Satanists. I grew
out of rubber masks and Blood. I don’t watch “Faces of Death”. I don’t
cut myself every time I pray. I want to read this to find out what I
do do. I want it to make sense to me and illuminate what they do.
Black magic can be so negative and popular, I worry. I’m sure there’s a
crust of people who , like voodooists, don’t practice that and condemn
it. I have to read.
The Night Has A Naked Soul: Witchcraft & Sorcery among the Western Cherokee by Alan KilpatrickİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Night-has-a-naked-soul
is a compilation of Cherokee lyrical curses which are used by powerful
and malignant witches. Traditionally, Wtches and Shamans were
adversaries and the Shaman was on the right side, Witches being mean and
negative. This book contains the original Cherokee with literal
translation plus a summary for each so you understand in English.
Ia.*** The Haunting of Hill House (not the movie!) This book is about a İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Haunting-of-hill-househaunted
house which is rented out for the summer to a young lady and a few
others. The intricacies of the haunting are delineated and a dramatic
conclusion brings tragedy.
***read here***:
!!!! Reality by Peter KingsleyİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Reality (how the father of logic, Parmenides was a ***shaman philosopher)***Kingsley Website with some of his writing free, books for sale and links: ***Also
of Empedocles who helped shape modern thought and was actually a
Sorceror…Both being followers of Apollo. Kingsley knows all about the
stuff I don’t. He studies the ancient texts and draws well founded
conclusions in a scholarly way (and it’s involved with Magick, sorcery
and altered states!) This book is exciting to read and gives a
thorough history lesson. As a criticism, I get a little lost toward
the middle…his excitement doesn’t wane but the coherence did for me. ***!!!!OR !!!! !!!!İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Books4-003Creating Poetry by Drury, The Poetry Dictionary by Drury, Memoirs of a Psychic Spy by McMoneagle, The Rig Veda, The Tibetan Book of the Dead: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Eternalflame2
This is a powerful trip to take as a reader. People have likened it to
LSD trips. Really, there’s a book about that. The names in this book
are outlandish to onewho speaks English. But that just adds to the
trip. The afterlife is in this book. It’s read to the deceased to show
the way. It’s a little like “choose your own adventure” at times
because it depends what you did within the last chapter as to where you
are now. It’s not silly though. I read the whole thing. The names
became a blur for some of the time but there was a lot to enjoy.
Ib.***The Bhagavad Gita :İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bhagavad-gita
I went to a musem in D.C. and a krishna sold me this book along with
“Easy Journey to Other Planets for $10 total. It had losts of pictures
which this version is lacking. You can find one with pictures but
they’re one for every sentance. I had a great time looking at the
pictures and reading the contents. I don’t remember if I read the whole
thing, but I want to say I did.
this is a bible of the Hindu religion and explains various planes of existance for the devotee. (read here): ***
***The Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe:******
With Poe you start off, become involved, then fascinated, then scared. He’s brilliant. He’s a genius! Try him.
Ic***The Witching Hour by Anne Rice : İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-witching-hour I enjoyed this fiction version of the Romantic and insane Mayfair Witches. It was written before Interview with a Vampire. (read here): The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice (books 1-10) : İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Vampire-chronicles Interview With A Vampire and Beyond! (read Here): ***
***The Best Stephen King I’ve ever read and it’s not even really scary. ***The Dark Tower series #1-5 (Gunslinger, Drawing of the Three,
etc.) *** You should try reading this! Roland crosses time’s borders
and is a six-shooter from the future. Better than it sounds. free to
read here:
***The Dark Tower 6-7 here :
***It by Stephen King IS scary (and long) but intelligent and
funny, fun and heart-racing exciting. You will get sucked in if you
start this book. *** read free here:
The Magus by Barrett, The Night Battles,The Triumph of the Moon,
Take an in-depth look at this book, Astrology (Zodiac
Personalities). Find out what the stars hold for your birth sign and
how you match up with other signs as well. I always like looking at the
Astrology stuff in the Witches’ Almanac and this book is similar
(note: after reading more of this book, this appears to be the most
accurate and worthwhile astrology I’ve had in front of me. My only
problem is I read about myself and I don’t want to read about others.):
Id.***The Key of Solomon : A well reputed Grimoire of Ceremonial Magick. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Greater-key-of-solomon(Angels and Demons) (read here): ,***
J***The Goetia: the Lesser Key of Solomon: More materials attributed to King Solomon, these edited by Aleister Crowley.(read here): İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-goetia ***
An ABC of Witchcraft by Valiente,
Goya: Painter of Terrible Splendor by Jeannine Baticle, Essential Klimt by Laura Payne, Egon Schiele, Van Gogh, Picasso, Vermeer,
’50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship’ by Salvador DaliİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 50-secrets-of-magic-craftsmanship
This book is full of little tricks to becoming a better artist. Dali’s
ego hardly gets in the way. Beautiful and inventive, really great
and inspiring (for sale here):,
J.W. Waterhouse, The Pre-Raphaelites: Romance and Realism by Laurence Des Cars, Toulouse-Lautrec by Bernard Denvir, Modern Sculpture by Herbert Read, M.C. Escher: His Life and Complete Graphic Work, Paintings in the Louvre by Lawrence Gowing, ‘Munch, In His own Words’ by Poul Tojner, What Painting Is by James Elkins, The Art Spirit by Henri,
Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein,
The Witchcult of Western Europe by Margaret Murray (read free here):

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Waterhouse161 This Picture by Waterhouse is on the cover of a Witchcraft Encyclopedia by Guiley that I recommend

The Collected Poems of W.B. Yeats, White Stains and the Nameless NovelBook 4Diary of a Drug Fiend by Aleister Crowley, A Prayer for Owen Meany,
***A Clockwork Orange (+movie, mature)A rich
fiction book with an invented glossary of new jargon and literary
futurism, this story involves a group of thugs and one’s capture,
rehabillitation and release. Includes rape and it’s consequences, with
techniques of brainwashing only seen in the future. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR A-clockwork-orangeK.***Read free ebook,***
Golden Bough by Frazer, The Witches’ AlmanacİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Witches-almanac1
, A.E. Waite, Bonewits’ Essential Guide to Druidism by Isaac Bonewits, Surviving Schizophrenia, Setting Free the Actor: Overcoming Creative Blocks by Ann Brebner,

I took this picture behind Lavan Center, Berkshire Theater Festival, Stockbridge, Mass. Down the road is a stone circle

The 21 Lessons of Merlyn by Monroe, ‘Signs, Symbols and Omens’Wicca for One by Raymond Buckland, Rune Magic-The Power of the Word, Ritual Magic (What it is and how to do it)-by Donald TysonİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Books5-003İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Books5-004
Ritual Magic, What It Is & How To Do It by Donald Tyson
is a classic in my opinion and very easy to comprehend. Pretty much,
one can’t go wrong with a book by Donald Tyson. Will work as a guide in
magick for the neophyte or the seasoned Witch. His work includes
history as well as practice with many esoteric and classical
illustrations. He covers the separate systems of The Golden Dawn,
Thelema, Satanism (he disagrees with it), Enochian, Witchcraft,
Druidism, Shamanism, Runes and Vodoun. A quote from it’s page 99 is
thus, “Fear of change is why magic has been traditionally looked upon as
satanic and demonic. There is nothing inherently evil about the
practice of ritual magic. Magic is an art. No art can be itself evil,
even though evil may on occasion find expression through its creations.
It is possible to talk about an evil poet, and even an evil poem, but
poetry itself can never be evil. Yet for thousands of years the
authorities of the great religions regarded magic as wicked and
condemned to death those who practiced it.”–Donald Tyson.
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Necro.Necronomicon by Donald Tyson, This reads more like a fiction book than a grimoire like the other Necronomicons. Tyson leaves that for the Grimoire of the NecronomiconİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Grimoire-of-necronomicon
L*** Necronomicon by Simon…The infamous
Necronomicon, though an obvious hoax based on Sumerian religion, is
fantastic and enthralling with beautiful possibly powerful
symbols/seals. A very dark story which one is liable to get lost in,
the real warning about this text??? it has a body count. When it says
to attain the next gate by killing 7 victims, DON’T! If you can handle
reading Moby Dick without Killing Whales, then you’re welcome to this
text.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Necronomicon-by-simon!!!! The NecronomiconFiles: The Truth behind the legend by Harms and GonceİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Necronomicon-files–Gives a thorough debunking of the myth surrounding the Necronomicon and it’s myriad of forms. Where the Necronomicon is misleading, the Files are informative.
, (Find many books of Necronomicon and a lot of free occult books at: ***(Read Free Here):***!!!!
In Search of Quetzalcoatl by Pierre Honore, Gifts of the Lotus,İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Books6-001 İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Books6-002Diary of a Witch by Sybil Leek,İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Diary-of-a-witchA
really affectionate and positve look at witchcraft. Hereditary
Witchcraft. Sybil was born to a witch family in the New Forest section
of England. She shares both her youth and being psychic (she would
blurt out embarassing truths such as the fact that her friend wouldn’t
live to see the next year in her formative years.) She covers her life
reminiscing of the kind old man she used to walk in the mountains with (
Aleister Crowley) and eventually her life in America. Definantly a
classic in this genre. Read it!
The Serpent and the Rainbow by Wade Davis,İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Serpent-and-rainbow
A scientist and anthropologist who works for a drug company, after
bringing home treasures of the pharmaceutical type from the rainforest
in South America delves into Haiti to discover the way zombies are made
in hopes of finding medicine. He discovers the way to make a zombie is
to use puffer-fish poison which paralyzes so much one appears dead. He
finds out lots more from the inside of Haitian vodou. Fascinating and
quick paced, it is way better than the movie. The movie’s not bad but
really it’s inaccurate.
My Education by William S. Burroughs, Action Figure by Gary Trudeau (with figure)
M.***Illusions: Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah:
One of the great beginnings in a book…it’s written in cursive, not
typed. Pretty neat and a great lead to an impressive story of finding
one’s place above obstacles. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Illusions
***(Join 4shared free to download Illusions for free here: (Read Free Here):,***
Das Energi, The Chalice and the Blade,
N.***Aradia (The Gospel of Witches) İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR AradiaAradia is very lyrical and great classic poetry with the birth of Witchcraft explained***(Read Free Here):,***
Witches and Jesuits (about Shakespeare, Witches and Jesuits…the gunpowder plot, etc.)
The Pendulum and Possession by Bill Finch: I found this book through
and the Frosts. It relates how a pendulum can be used to better
oneself and pin-point a case of possession. Often times it is a
relative, relatively well- meaning, who is found to possess a person and
those instances of demon possession are rare, if plausible.
introduction to dowsing with pendulums is here (remember, you can make a
cheap pendulum by tying a thread to a paper-clip.): Pendulums,
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Books6-003İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Books6-004 !!!! Website: Buy Wanda’s book, Possessed by Ghosts: Exorcisms in the 21st Century, here: Wanda Pratnicka,
Wanda’s site is full of grammatical errors and her book has many
contradictions but her message is clear: We’re here for a purpose and
there is an afterlife. She’s an exorcist and a very real one. She’s
from Poland and can cleanse spirits and get rid of unwanted hauntings.
Author of (above)-Possessed by Ghosts-site is fascinating-”for a spiritual seeker“!!!!

7İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Empty İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bir Salı Ağus. 31, 2010 10:17 pm



Next, (Buy Buckland’s Book Here) İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Book-of-african-divination Here is The Book of African Divination and Deck by Raymond Buckland…There
is a great list of a ‘Bones divination’ set including a couple bones
and the rest shells…If in local Va Bch. you can find the shells at
Shells, Shells, the Shell Shop on the pier at the beach, add to them
chicken bones from Popeyes and cow’s/bull’s/buffalo teeth and you’re
ready to go with a circle described to work within.
O***On the Road (for an audiobook of On the Road, download Limewire{below} and search “On the Road by Jack Kerouac”) or read On the Road.
One of the main texts from the Beat Generation where America was
searched for and found by hitchhiking and drinking, writing and
smoking. read On the Road free hereİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR On-the-road *** , The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Dharma1
Without question, one of the greatest books I’ve ever read. Written in
the space of 11 days, this is an account of a segment of Jack Kerouac’s
life that is wildly insightful. It covers Jack working in a far off
fire tower in the woods to parties on a hill and reading under trees as
part of Buddhism in Jack’s personal style. A gathering is related in
which all the great Beats of Jack’s crowd are present and it is a wild
The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac free to read: (limit five books per 2 weeks, save file)(look up author’s last name):
In a Shallow Grave by James Purdy is a novel about a man who
fights odds because he has a skin condition and is a little weird. Ok,
a lot weird. The pace of this text is slow and plodding but that is
entirely enjoyable as it is.
The Stranger by Albert CamusİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-stranger, I read The Stranger
in a day and a half. Another page-turner. Once you get past Maman’s
(mother’s ) funeral and on to the knifing on the beach it moves very
quickly and strangely.
The Stranger is available to read free above in the top list of Milton Dodd – Witch.
Oa.***Journals of Sylvia Plath+***The Bell Jar…This book is Sylvia Plath dealing with her fashion =-modeling opportunity in her cynical, even self -defeating way. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bell-jar*** (Read Free Here),***
Leonardo on Painting,
‘Bright lights, Big City’İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bright-lights-big-city1,This
is one of those books that leaves an indelible impression on the
reader. Called a tragicomedy, this book is poignant and a riot. It
delves into the fun and the hard side of cocaine addiction. I wish I
could find it for free, but I’ve looked a lot and no doing.(buy bright
lights, big city here for $1.99): ,
***The Sound and the Fury by W. Faulkner İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Sound-and-the-fury…I
loved reading this book so much that I read it aloud all night sitting
on the front lawn. This was not looked upon favorably and I ended up
staying for a while in Norfolk Psychiatric. I still like the book.(read
here), ***
Lord Jim,
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Authentic-thaumaturgyAuthentic Thaumaturgy
by Isaac Bonewits=a great book that clears up what real psychics,
magicians and witches do which corresponds to belief, fairy tale,
science fiction and role-playing.
P.***Black Elk Speaks: Black Elk, a Native American Elder discloses a good portion of his life to his biographer. His
biographer writes it down as he says it because Black Elk writes little
English. Raised as an Indian, he explains what it was like growing up
with too oft-times enemies, Whites. And the intracacies of some of his
religion (his vision), hunting and warrior lifestyles.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Black-elk-speaks***(read free here–***+ The Sacred Pipe by Black Elk,
Q.***Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett…This is a minimalistic play involving two players and a third who never shows. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Wating-for-godot***(Read Free Here):,***
R.***The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge
series by Carlos Castaneda…Includes detailed depictions of spiritual
beliefs taught by a shaman. There was an uproar which has died down
about the teachings being fraudulent, but even if they are, they
are entertaining in the least and uplifting. I’ve read eight books of
this series and there’s always something new to learn.
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Teachings-of-don-juan-a-yaqui-way-of-knowledge***Read Castaneda Free here: ,*** Carlos Castaneda Complete Works (Save File, limit 5 books per 2 weeks, look up author’s last name)…
S.***Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson…Drugged-out crazy read. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Fear-and-loathing-in-las-vegas***(Read Free Here): join 4shared to read. ***
!!!!Ralph Steadman art: Website with art by Hunter S. Thompson’s artist.!!!!!!!!
T***The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit ***İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR HobbitRead Here: ***
All of the books of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy in one download is available above in the beginning list of Witch.
The Celestine Prophecy, available above, is illuminating and, if I remember, set in a rainforest.
Nadja by Andre Breton: Breton is a member of the surrealism
movement and this compliments his fresh writing style. Nadja means Hope
in Russian. It’s the name of the main character.
***One of the greatest painters of all time, Johannes Vermeer is
represented in this collection. Vermeer is known for his photo-realism
and perfection. His works, such as Girl with Pearl EaringİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Vermeer
and The Little Street have inspired many and I’m one of them. The
models’ skin seems to have a sheen of life which glimmers as she/he
breathes. Here is his entire collection, modest in number but not in
quality, ***Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) : Right click the blue screen with vermeer written on it and click next.***
Ta.***The Oracles of Nostradamus (read his some of his writings İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Nostradamushere ,
Tb***Secrets & Mysteries by Sylvia Browne,*** Read Life On the Other Side by Sylvia BrowneİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Life-on-the-other-side here: ***
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 21978135-earth-air-fire-water-scott-cunningham***Earth, Air Fire &Water
by Scott Cunningham. Some have sworn off him because he seems to light
and not dark or controversial enough. His books are actually a
scholar’s/ Wiccan’s/Magickian’s/Pagan’s/neophyte’s/elder’s dream come
true and best friend. They contain all the information (correct among
the Craft) needed to practice magick, worship as a Wiccan or Pagan and
appreciate things such as nature’s bounty. Add your own darkness.
He was one of the first writers to let us know you can do a ceremony
in street clothes. And, yes, it’s the thought that counts. Brimming
with all sorts of esoteric information, you’ll find something you love
here:(read Here) ***AND HERE: Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic:*** read free here: ***
, John Edward, Edgar Cayce, Fantasy Art Now edited by Martin McKenna(cover to cover brimming with exotic paintings), Myths and Legends (an illustrated guide to their origins and meanings), Altered States by Paddy Chayefsky (bad movie, good book), Plato,
Steppenwolf + Poems+Siddhartha by Herman Hesse I loved Steppenwolf and Poems. I’ve yet to finish Siddhartha but I know Hesse is a great writer, so: Enjoy İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Siddhartha***Siddhartha by Hesse free to read ***
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Crime-and-punishment***Crime and Punishment
by Dostoevsky–an amazing read if you can get past the hype of books
like this and Tolstoy’s being too long. It’s the tale of a poor man
turned axe murderor. Driven plot and psychology. read free here: ***
, The Iliad and The Odyssey by Homer, Heretic’s Heart by Margot Adler, Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut, Witchcraft Theory and Practice by Ly de Angeles, Nocturnal Witchcraft by Konstantinos, Time Life Books: American Indian Series with red covers–Mighty Chieftains, Spirit World, etc. , The Encyclopedia Of Witches and Witchcraft by Guiley, The Four Agreements: Toltec Wisdom Collection–3-book boxed set by don Miguel Ruiz,
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-way-of-the-shaman***The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner, if you want to know what shamanism is about this is a good start. Here read, in 3 parts:***
Here’s a page for those interested in writings about Shamanism. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Psychedelic-shamanism Included are these books, Modern Shamanism, Shamanism and Spirit and Psychedelic Shamanism+ more:
A quick note on this link: I haven’t read this book but the author
comes well recommended. This book explores the history of Mythology as
seen through the sights of Psychology, Archaeology and Anthropology.
Sounds and looks good. I checked the table of contents and we’re going
to like this. It includes more than a chapter about Shamans. And the
book contains through it’s chapters a timeline comparing man’s progress
and myth’s. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Joseph-campbell It’s called Masks of God: Primitive Mythology by Joseph Campbell and is free to read here:
The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley: It’s a book about
experiences with hallucinagens such as cactus. The experiences are
discussed relative to spirituality. It’s a short and enjoyable read<
read here for free:
Couldn’t be a good Witchcraft site without some Voodoo studiesİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Vodou_in_haitian_life_and_culture__invisible_powers: read here: *** ***
Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook by Dr. Snake İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Doc-snake1(whimsical and light treatment of the mysteries of Voodoo)…I recommend it to teen and older.,

The Golden Bough by James Frazer is a classic reference book on the subject of folklore and religion. Here to read for free:

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The Wolf Almanac just arrived at my house today (looks good), buy book here:,
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Scan0005The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing Poetry arrived also…should be informative.
Tc.***Paracelsus: Of the Supreme Mysteries,İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Paracelsus2***Read free e-book here:, ,***
Gonzo+Fear and Loathing in America+Death of a Poet by Hunter S. Thompson.
U.*** A folder at called witchy ebooks contains many good ***books for free download: Left hand path included: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Waite ***
Do you love the ancient Gods? If you’d like to see them come to life and perform as they were meant to of old, read here:*** The Iliad, The Odyssey by Homer,İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Iliad The Aeneid by Virgil ******
………………….I have my own book, a book by Milton D. or Milton Dodd, Milton Blansett Dodd… it’s available at milton.c
V.Children’s Books: ***White Fang by Jack LondonİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR White-fang *** Written from the viewpoint of a wolf.+ *** (White Fang and The Call of the Wild are available to read for free above in the 1st “Witch” list.***
Grimm’s Fairy Tales by the bros. Grimm:
, Where the Wild Things Are, ‘Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb’, The
Puffin and the Spot, Puss in Boots, The Wind in the Willows, Faeries
by Brian Froud and Alan Lee, A Wrinkle in Time, WatershipDown (book and movie!), The Most Dangerous Game (short story), Flowers for Algernon, Brer Rabbit, Teen Witch by Silver Ravenwolf, Call it Courage by Armstrong Sperry, İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Outsiders-house-046The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton (+movie), Brave New World by Aldous Huxley,
American Native by Tim Payne: (can’t find it!),
Edward S. Curtis: The North American Indian; the Complete
Portfolio, The Thief of Always by Clive Barker (he wrote a children’s
book), books by Isaac Asimov, Not Quite Human (not the movie),
***Walden by Thoreau=This is a great novel written about spending
time in nature. He has three chairs in his cabin and swims every
morning in the pond, no matter the season. His descriptions are
hypnotic and glow like light through leaves. READ FREE HERE: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR ***
, The Tao of Pooh, The Te of Piglet,
***The Crucible by Arthur Miller about the Salem Witch Trials İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Crucible read here: ***
, Through the Looking Glass,

North American Indians by Gorsline

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR North-american-indiansHere:
W.***Alice in Wonderland illustratedİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Alice15th,İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Alice-in-wonderland ***Read free here:,***
X.***Lord of the Flies:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Lord-of-the-flies ***free text to read;,,***
Y.***The Elfstones of Shannara:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Elfstones-of-shannara*** Join 4shared & download Elfstones for free here*** (Read):,***
Where the Wild Things Are by Sendak:
Comic books:World’s Largest comic shop:,
Batman, Wolverine (esp. graphic novel against ninjas from late
80s-early 90s), Punisher, G.I. Joe, The Nam (mature), Grendel (mature),
The Extremeist (mature), The Black Orchid #1. Cerebus the Aardvark, The
Daredevil, Lone Wolf and Cub, The Sandman, Cracked (Mad), Groo the
Wanderer, Gnat Rat, Merc (mature), Grey (mature), Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles, The Green Arrow, Appleseed and Akira (both are Japanimation-not
my favorite genre-but both are good movies too…
Here’s the trailer for Appleseed Ex Machina PG-13 (Watch),
Batman-The Killing Joke, Batman-The Dark Knight Returns,
Ronin(mature), The Watchmen (mature), Death, Lady Death, The Prisoner
(after the 60s TV show), The Hulk, Superman 50th Anniversary, Heavy
Metal (mature), Usagi YojimboİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Usagi
Usagi is a badass!
Another Book List. I’ll need a new shelf!
I’m going to participate in a Schizophrenia Study in a Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland and I’m getting paid for it.
Here’s What I’m Buying with the money< I’m not buying quite all of these…Not the ones with an X:
1. Andre Breton: Surrealism and Painting $21.08 XİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Andre-breton
2. Animal Speak: Pocket Guide $4.60İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Animal-speak-pocket-guide
3. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to: a.Being Psychic $1.99 XİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Complete-being-psychic
4b.Creative Writing $8.92 XİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Complete-creative-writing
5c.Natural Magick $1.99İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Complete-natural-magick
6d.Psychic Awareness $1.99İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Complete-psychic-awareness
7e.World Religions $7.95 XİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Complete-world-religions
8f.Writing Well $7.85 XİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Complete-writing-well
9. Das Energi $3.50İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Das-energi
10. Devils of Loudun by Aldous Huxley $2.22İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Devils-of-loudun
11. Earth, Air, Fire and Water by Scott Cunningham $3.25 XİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Earth-air-fire-water
12. The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie $8.99İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Golden-dawn
13. Gonzo by Hunter S. Thompson $13.00 XİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Gonzo
14. Heretic’s Heart by Margot Adler $1.99 XİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Heretics-heart
15. Liber Lilith by Donald Tyson $36.99 at Amazon.comİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Lilith
16. Lords and New Creatures by Jim Morrison $1.99
new link to a chapter from Lords and New Creatures, his first book of poetry (click “read a chapter” on left) İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Lords-new-creatures
17. Rilke on Love and other Difficulties $1.99 XİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Rilke-on-love-and-other-difficulties
18. Room Full of Mirrors: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix by Cross $5.87İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Room-full-of-mirrors
19. Runes of Elfland by Brian Froud and Ari Berk $3.58 XİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Runes-of-elfland
…….Website here of Brian Froud and Friends making paintings, animation and muppets…site is free to join, membership required.
20. Shamanic Witch by Gail Wood $5.99İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Shamanic-witch
21. Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience by William Blake $1.99 XİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Songs-of-innocence-and-of-experience
22. Tell My Horse $8.06İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Tell-my-horse
23.The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath $8.99İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Sylvia-plath-unabridged1
23. Vagabond Prophet: A Novel of Nostradamus by A. Symons $1.99 or $0.01 at Amazon.comİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Vagabond-prophet
24. Yoruba of Southwestern Nigeria & Santeria by Jim Bailey(out of print–hard to find)$4—$30
25. Zen Inspirations $2.47XİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Zen-inspirations
26. 1000 Faces of God by Rebecca Hind $1.99İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 1000-faces-of-god
27. CD– “The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld” $17.99–the only album by The Orb that I like. Really good though.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-orb
28. CD-Ride–”Nowhere” $23.99 or $17.99İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Ride-nowhere
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 1wolf-touch-lamp-32-9929. Another thing I might buy is this wolf touch lamp for $32.99 at
30. Plus some Soldiers and Diorama stuff from Sierra Toy Soldier Company: Street Fountain,İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Fountainl Hedge WallİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Hedge-wall and Forces of Valor Soldiers.

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 35th-infantry
35th Infantry $15.95 Sierra

There’s free shipping on most orders over $25.00 at Sierra Toy Soldier Company.
31. Maybe the Poor Man’s Luminaria $2.95 at American Science and
Surplus. That’s a display light show to put under crystals and stuff.
An Einstein doll and Da Vinci figure

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Da-vinci-poe-einstein
Da Vinci and Einstein available at

D&D type figures, including a gargoyle for $1.00


32. I’m also getting a reproduction of an Ica Stone at for $82 total, S.H. included.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Ica-stones
I’m excited! I haven’t had money over $50 in a very long time.
Maybe they’ll find something in this testing that will help somebody
with a disability…I hope so.

If you or a loved one is Schizophrenic and interested in
participating in a study in Bethesda, Maryland for up to $510 plus free
hotel and gas money, here is a number to call and ask for more info to
be sent in the mail…1-888-674-6464.
I was having a psychic
conversation with John Graphton, the SEAL, and he looked up how many of
my relatives had perished either at the stake or other trials for the
charge of Witchcraft and he told me it was 118 of my relatives convicted
of anything to do with witchcraft.

To tell the truth I wanted to be related to those victims. It would explain a lot. I wasn’t expecting such a high number at all.

milton blansett dodd 1-05-10, 8:16pm

These MOVIES can be found at Suncoast Stores.
3 Tiers of Favorites:
Bold, Italics =My Favorites/
Underlined=My next favorite/
Regular script= 3rd place.
buy these movies at Suncoast:
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWatch These Movies or their Trailers below xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Most of these movies (even the ones linked to other sites) can be seen at,
free for 30 days, no credit card needed, then a charge of less than $5 a
month if you want the service or more if you want more priveleges.
You won’t be charged for signing up for free service. Limits on the
size of movie are on the free service and $5 service. Pay attention to
the 2000 MB limit, you can work in a few movies free.
1. Naked Lunch-(R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Naked-lunch-Altered state on film…Weird…slow beginning but brilliant. Trailer here: watch the entire film ONLY IN GERMAN at graboid with your 30 day trial, here:
AAA.2. The Serpent and the Rainbow-(R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Serpent-and-the-rainbow-book
is more realistic, less horrifying…main character in this movie is bad
casting…overall, good entertainment with a hint of truth…The Wes Craven
horror is here: (based on a true story) whole movie****
3. Angel Heart-(R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Angel-heart-A serial killer chases his tail in the midst of a voodoo curse…Hollywood voodoo. Mickey Rourke. Trailer here: watch the entire film for free at graboid video:
BBB.4. Where the Buffalo Roam-(PG-13)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Where-the-buffalo-roam-funny comedy with Bill Murray as Hunter S. Thompson, the drugged reporter for Rolling Stone Magazine. The movie here: whole movie****
CCC.5. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas-(R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Fear-and-loathing-in-las-vegas1-a more realistic trip with Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson, Hunter liked this one better…Wild Ride! Trailer here: full movie at , just sign up to hulu: movie****
6. River’s Edge-(R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Rivers-edge-A
high school student kills his girlfriend and his friends try to save
him from the authorities…Based on a true story…Early Keanu Reeves and
Crispin Glover, plus Dennis Hopper…actually brilliant Acting…Trailer
DDD.7. The Exorcism of Emily Rose-(PG-13)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-exorcism-of-emily-rose-the Vatican proclaimed this case an actual possession…More court than horror…Nice… whole movie****
8. Easy Rider-(R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Easy-rider-A hippie movie that encompasses the entire hippie movement, movingly. Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson, Peter Fonda…Trailer here:
EEE.9. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest-(PG)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR One-flew-over-the-cuckoos-nest-
Takes place in a mental ward, one patient tries to unite the patients
against the strict overseers of doctors. Jack Nicholson. Check into
the looney-bin here: whole movie****
10. Dances With Wolves-(PG-13)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Dances-with-wolves-If
you haven’t seen this masterpiece by now, please do. Kevin Costner. A
man is accepted by Native Americans and rejected by whites. Trailer

9İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Empty İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bir Salı Ağus. 31, 2010 10:20 pm



11. Black Robe-(PG-13)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Black-robe-On
par with Dances With Wolves, this little known masterpiece demands to
be seen by any seeker in Amerindian culture historically. In the movie
the sequence starts with settlers…Once you get to the Indians you’re
off and running…No longer available at YouTube…Trailer Here:
11a. Lakota Woman: a great book put to film. The
autobiography of a Native American who went through Indian school and
AIM during a turbulent time for the Lakota. An Indian war took place in
the 1970s, not just at Wounded Knee but on the Lakota reservation as a
whole. It’s a great story. No- where near as good as the book, but if
you can’t get enough, here you go. At this costs $40, here
it’s $10: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Lakota-woman-dvd

12. Lonesome Dove-(PG)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Lonesome-dove-Cowboys in an epic saga of the west. Trailer here:
GGG.13. Shaka Zulu-(PG)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Shaka-zulu-Fascinating
depiction of the Zulu wars and extremely vibrant and colorful showing
of tribes. Stifled English and beautiful Africans. Here is the whole
movie: whole movie, hard to match together episodes ****
14. Pollock-(PG)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Pollock-one of the great innovative artists of his time. Trailer here:
14.5.. KlimtİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Klimt–A movie about controversial (at the time) artist Gustav Klimt, a contemporary of Schiele and Munch. Trailer here:
15. Basquiat-(R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Basquiat-A graffiti artist turned pro by his association with Andy Warhol, poignant and moving. Trailer here: watch movie for free at,
16. The Doors-(R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-doors-Jim Morrison, played by Val Kilmer very well, will blow your mind. The trailer here: Watch entire movie at
HHH.17. The Doors: Live at the Hollywood Bowl-(PG-14)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Doors-live-at-hollywood-bowl-Jim Morrison, played by Jim Morrison very well, will blow your mind. It’s on YouTube in 7 parts: whole movie****
17a. Platoon: At my birth in June of 1975, the ominous fall
of Saigon had occured and the end of the Vietnam war had begun. Here
is a film that highlights the struggle in detail: whole movie.****

18. The Ninth Gate-(R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Ninth-gate-In search of Devil’s writ, Johnny Depp finds intrigue and murder. Trailer here: watch entire movie free ONLY IN FRENCH for 30 days here:
19. The Native Americans: (G) a documentary with Robbie Robertson
and the Red Road Ensemble for a soundtrack. First link=Edward S. Curtis
photos to Robbie Robertson Music here: second link Robbie Robertson and the Red Road Ensemble performing for the documentary, The Native Americans, here:, Book related to TV documentary, here: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Nat
20. A Clockwork Orange-(R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR A-clockwork-orange-movie-Futuristic rapist recieves new treatment–new language and puzzling precipices. Trailer here: Watch entire movie for free for 30 days at
21. Heat-(R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Heat-Pacino and De Niro as cop and robber. Trailer here:
22. The Godfather series-(R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Godfather-Pacino and De Niro as Mobsters…beautiful. Trailer here:
23. Boys N the Hood-(R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Boys-n-the-hood-classic gangland murder story. Ice Cube. Trailer here: Watch movie at Crackle, here:, Whole Movie ****
III.24. Friday-(R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Friday-classic gangland comedy story…Ice Cube whole movie****
JJJ.25. Natural Born Killers-R-İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Natural-born-killers: Woody Harrelson..mature trip to Hell. whole movie****
26. Dazed and Confused-(R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Dazed-substance abuse fun. Trailer here: Watch the entire movie for free here:
27. Half Baked-(R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Half-substance abuse fun. Trailer here: Watch entire movie here free:
27.5..Rush…(R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Rush
Serious drama about heroin addiction and the violence surrounding it.
I made the soundtrack except for the song about Eric Clapton’s son.
Trailer here:
28. Crazy Horse: the Last Warrior-(G)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Crazy-made for tv but pretty good
KKK.29. Crossroads:(PG)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Crossroads the only blues movie I know of. Ralph Machio this link is missing a portion of the movie.****
LLL.30. Scary Movie I:(R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Scary Hilarious, I’m naked in a picture in this movie. I’m fat. whole movie****
31. Fight Club: (R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Fight
another wild ride. Realities collide and a man is both a caring
person and a merciless mercenary leading a fight club/terrorist group. A
piece of my body is in this movie (unmentionable) in the middle of a
cartoon. Brad Pitt. Trailer here: watch movie for free for 30 days from joining here, no card required;
MMM.32. Detroit Rock City: (R)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Detroit Brilliant comedy involving Kiss fans and maniacally uptight authority figures. whole movie****
NNN.33. Woodstock: (PG-13)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Woodstock footage from the first Woodstock…good stuff. Take the Trip here:,****
OOO.34. It-(PG-13)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR It-based
on the book by Stephen King, It describes a little town in America
haunted by a child-killing spirit….good movie, but even better book.
Here It is: whole movie****
PPP.35. The Craft: (R) İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Craft Witches
as some are except for the superpowers and killing. Look for the light
in the darkness, the butterflies instead of snakes and you will enjoy
this film. Neve Campbell. Whole movie****
QQQ.36. Altered StatesİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Altered-states by Chayefsky: (R) a man reverts to prehistoric man after isolation tank regression in which he comes to with blood on his lips… NVuY&feature=PlayList&p=77794EB6F4877DC7&index=0…the special effects are not so special but it could amuse you. whole movie****
RRR.37. The Outsiders: (PG)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Outsidersw Stay
Golden Ponyboy. A classic written by a fifteen year old girl for
class. Extremely well versed and amazing show. Book and movie are both
excellent. whole movie****
SSS.38. Pink Floyd, The Wall: (R) İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-wall Drastic
and groundbreaking, this disturbingly good movie is Pink Floyd at it’s
best. Or best known. Check it out; made in the early 1980s, the topics
covered in song form and film are mania, naziism, fighting authority
and Freudian problems. Discombobulating, this is still a classic…You
Tube has removed the final sequence for censorship. whole movie except one part****
39. Seven SamuraiİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Seven-samurai (1950s),
Ran, Rashomon all directed by Akira Kurosawa…Ingeniously put together
and driven characters in very entertaining battles. Looks almost like
the real thing. This is the trailer for Seven Samurai…
40. The Last SamuraiİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Last-samurai…Great
to see Ninjas fighting Samurai. The Gatlin gun scene is a
disappointment…They really didn’t do that. Tom Cruise. Trailer here:
TTT.41. My favorite local radio station, FM99WNOR İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Alice-cooperNorfolk,VA (757)-366=9999
online. 3-minute commercial breaks…Alice Cooper after Midnight.
Listed in this section because I found rare footage of the Doors on
their site…somewhere. I can’t find it but it’s there! It had to do
with the playlist……..Found it! p.95 of the letter “D” =here are quite a
few of the Doors videos.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 1jim-morrison2..****
The Sylvia Plath movie. I haven’t seen this but I am going to watch it
soon. I’ve seen documentaries and readings. I fell in love with
Sylvia Plath after learning of her Journals at a Writer’s Workshop on
the campus of UVA after 8th grade. I would describe her as an influence
of mine. She is a master of confessional writing, in which she bares
her soul and all it’s intricate dark details. whole movie****
VVV.43. Picasso is Painting: a great demonstation
of the progression of paintings making up a painting. Picasso’s
process shown as it’s painted. short film****
WWW.44. M. Kimura’s
Bonsai garden: an episode (among others) in which M. Kimura, the most
famous bonsai artist of our time, shows some of his beloved work. Very
beautiful, inspiring.,****short film
45. Catch 22: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Catch22Brilliant and surprising look at WWII. may be whole movie**
46. Book of BloodİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Book-of-blood by
Clive Barker: Based on the first of the series, Books of Blood by
Clive, this is about a fake medium being taken over by real spirits…
They carve/write their stories on his skin. Here’s the trailer:
read Books of Blood Vol. 1+2 above, near the beginning of Milton Dodd =
Witch II, this blog. Watch this movie for free for 30 days here:
XXX47. Heathers:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Heathers Winona Rider, Christian Slater: High School students end up killing their classmates in this sarcastic comedy (dark). whole movie.****
xxx47a. The ProfessionalİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR The-professional1…Brilliantly
shot, The Professional is about corrupt DEA clashing with a well
intentioned hit man. Watch it at Crackle (sign in or up free)….whole movie.

YYY.48. Bob Marley İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bob-marleyDocumentary: Here is explained Bob’s views of the religion of Rastafarianism. Whole movie.****
If you are interested in Rasta, you should read the Kebra Nagast on the African page of , here
yyy. The Band: The Last Waltz, here are performances by The Band
from the movie The Last Waltz about The Band’s touring on a train for a
few years constantly.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 1the-last-waltz
yyya. The Grateful Dead performing live,İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 1grateful-dead
yyyb. Jimi Hendrix Live:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 1jimi-hendrix
yyyc. Janis Joplin Live:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 1janis-joplin
yyyd. Stevie Ray Vaughan, Live at Montreux:
yyye. Muddy Waters Live:
yyyf. B. B. King Live:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 1bbking
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Widespread-panicyyyg. Widespread Panic Videos:
yyyh. Parliament FunkadelicİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Parliament Videos:
yyyi. Pink Floyd Videos:
Children’s Movies:
ZZZ.1.Watership Down-İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Watership-down-This
classic put to animation very well. You will love it. And here’s the
movie in full (split into 10 segments on YouTube), Whole movie****
2. The Great Muppet Caper:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Great-muppet-caper The Muppet Show was my favorite as a youngster. The Trailer here:
AAAA.3. Labyrinth-İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Labyrinth-Made by Brian Froud, the faery man, dazzling. The movie here: Whole movie****
BBBB.4. Fantasia-İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Fantasia-Beautiful
montage of subjects and interpretations…if you turn the volume down
all the way and play with almost anything as background, it will go with
it. Here’s the movie in pieces, but the whole thing: whole movie****
CCCC5. Dark Side of Oz -İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Wizard-of-oz-wonderful classic…After the third MGM lion’s roar, start the CD, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.
When that ends, after the final heart beat, put on Axis: Bold as
Love by Jimi Hendrix….Both Pink Floyd and Jimi go with the show very
well, like they were meant to be together. Here’s the Dark Side of the
Rainbow (oz)İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Dark-side-of-oz without our addition of Jimi Hendrix (which does work just as well) movie in synch with Pink Floyd’s album Dark Side of the Moon****
DDDD.6. The Secret of Nimh: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Secret A classic animated children’s movie well worth watching. Here’s the trailer: and here’s the whole movie: Whole movie… Here’s a better version at with minimal interruption, no extra clicking…****
EEEE.7. Bruce Lee movies– along with Kung Fu theatre this was the pinnacle of excitement on the television when I was a child. I think Kung Fu theatre then is Wu-Tang Kung Fu today, I’m not sure. Here’s Fists of FuryİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Fists-of-fury with Bruce Lee: . Whole movie****
FFFF.8. The Lord of the Rings: Classic turned to good movie. If you want the old 1977 version of The HobbitİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Jrr-tolkien animated and links to old versions of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy watch here: Whole movie****
GGGG.9. Rikki Tikki Tavi: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Rikki A mongoose saves a family in India from a pair of King Cobras. Watch the whole thing here: Whole movie****
HHHH.10. White Fang:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR White-fang-movie
Disney interpretation of this classic novel by Jack London. I haven’t
seen it, but I’m including it in hopes that someone will see it and want
to read the book. It’s a story of a wolf, seen through the wolf’s
eyes…If I know Disney, the movie is lighter than the book was. It’s a
very readable book, even to a fourth grader and it’s deep enough for an
adult. Here’s White Fang on YouTube: Whole movie****

10İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Empty İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bir Salı Ağus. 31, 2010 10:22 pm



IIII.11. Lord of the Flies:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Lord-of-the-flies
Hollywood shirked a little on the research but at least this is in
color. There are bad reviews but you could enjoy the film. The book
was amazing and there are a few inconsistancies in the film. Books
often translate to film poorly. This is a decent film on it’s own: and Do read the book. Whole movie****
JJJJ.12. Alice in Wonderland: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Alice-ii Disney animation of a little girl meeting symbolic trials in a rabbit hole (Wonderland) Whole movie****
KKKK.13. Dead Poets Society: İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Dead-poets A
group of students, led by Robin Williams, rebel against staunch private
school by studying great poetry together. Comedy/Drama mix…Emphasizes
learning freely over sticking to parameters. whole movie****
LLLL.14. Time Bandits:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Time-bandits a boy goes into a time machine where he meets dwarf pirates. Well done. Whole movie****
MMMM.16. Robin Hood:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Robin-movie I enjoyed this Disney animated movie., whole movie****

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Aradiapaintedglass-0053
from Aradia (Gospel of the Witches)

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Aradiapaintedglass-008 ….. Buy CD-Roms…You pay only Shipping! occult archive of writings and texts…Takes a long time to arrive–it will surprise you
OOOO.***(Read Free on Website); *** ***1000 books on every major religion…On site*** or buy CD-RomİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Sacred-texts
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft, along with The
Complete Idiot’s Guide to Voodoo belongs on every believer’s shelf. The
two religions are similar in scope and practice and both books are
bibles to their religions, encompassing nearly every aspect to the
intricacies of the well meaning devotee.İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bookslightcats-002İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bookslightcats-001AsdgagİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bookslightcats-004

sort of blurry version of my black light devil, notice he’s not the real one

2. cheap flourescent paint to glow in black
lite…(disappointingly, the $4 black lites are discontinued, I got my
blacklights at Wal-mart in the store for under $20 ea.)0.28
3. High quality black light paint (professional quality) $30 sampler pack… 0.29 …or….
3.5.. American Science &
has among a myriad of other things (experiments to accessories) 6-inch
black-lights for $7.95 each or 12 inch black-lights for $15.95…they run
on AA batteries (4 and Cool/ a tabletop fountain for $14.50/ many things
for on the job (multi-tools, etc.) or at play (figures, effect-lights,
speakers, microscopes)…you’ll find something you like.
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bookslightcats-0064. 17″ Wicked Witch figure (beautiful)($50)–0.3İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Wickedwitch17
5. 1/20 scale Wizard= $9.95 at Sierra Toy Soldier Company: Wizard:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Wizardlegends
Viking/Saxon Wench with pitchfork at sierra toy soldierİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Saxonwench ($38)
“Wench” here:

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Blackcatandmoon-background
Moon in the Cat’s Eye, I am not the artist

Find the Wicked Witch and the black Wizard (sorcerer) at Target

unlimited free Music downloads…0.33…Do
not pay for a subscription or anything for basic limewire…click just
below Basic on the main page, on OTHER VERSIONS… and
download by CLICKING THE DOWN ARROW for Vista or your personal
type…THAT’S IT, YOU HAVE LIMEWIRE! After you download it, it will work
with your Windows Media Player if you
first: right click on desktop icon limewire…send to ….documents
second: Windows Media Player/Library/ other options/ monitor folders/add to library/ add documents/OK
third: Windows Media Player/Library/Other Options/Library/Overwrite all media works/OK
Repeat if your downloads don’t appear in your Windows Media Player once they’ve downloaded.
If your Limewire won’t get online, you can uninstall and reinstall from the link above and all your stuff is saved.
I’ve done it a few times and never lost my long list of downloads or the 2, 500 files I’m sharing either.
Limewire is great for finding rare songs…put the name of a band and
type rare in the search bar and there’s lots of stuff that Rhapsody
doesn’t have.
To download “Witch” type music, download Dead Can Dance or Diary of Dreams or Nox Arcana…enjoy!
\Warning: when downloading from any sharing files type resource you
could download a virus or other damaging stuff. Don’t trust any files
that come up such as Ad-ware which you don’t know what they are. Don’t
mark them as trusted or download them. I just cleared up a virus for
$170 which could have been avoided if I had known not to mark the
corrupted files as “trusted”.
PPPP.7.3, To listen to songs or full albums through Rhapsody’s limited free service, go here:
Not everything is available and there’s a limit to the # of things
listened to. 25 songs a month. but if you need to know what song is on
what album, it’s there.
7.5 My music has been heard across the nation as no. 1 song after
no.1 song. Download 284 albums of my music (you will recognize it!) at
milton.c ….I’ve been playing music since I was 3 years old and it
only takes an hour to make an album so there you go.
The Beat Reader…What can I say to estimate the value spiritually and
entertainingly that this book holds? It is a full book of 622 pages of
literature from the Beat Generation. The greats and many I’d never
heard of but who definantly belong together are here presented in prose
and poetry. On the cover, William S. Burroughs is gesturing to Jack
Kerouac. If you read On the Road by Jack Kerouac, you’ll be well
qualified to enjoy this text. The Beats were known for freewheeling
across the country, hopping rides on autos and locomotives, swilling
licquor, smoking joints and some for heroin addiction. In spite of the
drug use the books read in an up-beat positive vein and might inspire
you to go-daddy-go at your local spoken word. İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bookslightcats-010

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bookslightcats-011
The Art Spirit by HenriThe Art Spirit by Henri
has been to my art what Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet was to my
writing. It’s full of deep thoughts and suggestions. The confidence I
gain from reading it lets me be an artist and accomplish things that I
wouldn’t be capable of without having pored through the pages and found
meaning in the art. 271 pages full of entries which are highly
conversational and practical. Voodoo & Hoodoo is a wicked concoction
of black magic, superstition and advice for the malignant artist.
Where I come from we know the black arts but do not practice them. How
to kill is perhaps too often discussed to be an entirely quaint and
enjoyable read. If you want to know why people were afraid of the
vodouisant’s negative counterpart, the bokor, it’s in here. 9
0.35. …
Isis Books and Gifts…BIG occult store you will like.Ortho’s All About
Creating Japanese Gardens is a really good resource for anyone planning a
Japanese Garden in their yard. It’s extremely well illustrated with
lots of how-to and it’s a good price…I believe I bought it as a bargain
book at Barnes and Noble. We’re planning a Japanese Garden and I have a
couple books on the style. This one is the most complete and do-able
and very beautiful. 10.Really Great Toys: the name says it all….big
selection: mini billy goat $3.31 at Really Great Toys

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Bookslightcats-0301
Remember this one?…it’s great…25th anniversary edition

QQQQ!!!! .11. 0.37 Free Site that has non-stop re-runs of all thebig tv shows and movies…archived from yesterday’s show to 30 days agoİLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Lightbookscats-0031
RRRR!!!!.I want to sh8ow my appreciation and support to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report…Stephen,
I too am wrist-strong ever since a skiing accident about 3 yards away
from my starting point…Your shows are all I watch regularly…Here’s
Colbert’s website with link to Daily Show up left…
I first bought The Witches’ Way because the cover is so simple and
awesome. Then I read it cover to cover and enjoyed the refresher on
some of the rituals plus new material that I didn’t know about the
history and practice of the craft.
İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 51w45b3v12l__ss500_İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR 61xevvdf9ul__ss400_

a Marine from Sierra Toy Soldier Co. along with green army men (bag from K&B Toys)

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Samurai-16-95-sierra1
Samurai $16.95 Sierra

12. 0.38 has toy soldiers
from every war you can think of… Hannibal to French and Indian…Samurai
to Zulu…Vietnam to Iraq…great stuff for any age…many sizes. Avoid
confusion or being overwhelmed on this site by using the browse button
at the top of the page toward the middle.

Blackhawk for about $60, I remember Blue Thunder

Sierra Soldiers (5 soldiers, sandbags, weapons for $15.95) and K&B army men, bridge from Wal-Mart fish aisle

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Zulu-advancing-1
Zulu advancing #1, I bought it, love it


İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Letters-to-a-young-poet
Learn From A Great what a Poet is!

SSSS.13.*** Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke ***(Read it here, in it’s entirety): ***
There’s alot to be learned from the man, Rainer Maria Rilke. For a
long time, my favorite book, Letters to a Young Poet is something to
freshen the taste of any poet’s work. Whether you are just starting
putting couplets together in elementary, a lovesick Junior High kid or a
struggling poet, one will be inspired by the descriptions of the halls
and echoes of poetic entity. It was this book that made me understand
the language of birds…or at least led me to believe I had an inkling of
their meaning. It meant much to me to stay up all night and finish it
at dawn (it’s a small book). Enjoy, please.
***The favorite poet of Rainer Maria Rilke is Jens Peter Jacobsen.
He says only the Bible and a book by Jens Peter Jacobsen are his
constant companions. Here are a few of Jacobsen’s publications free to
read:İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Mogens-and-other-stories Mogens and Other Stories: ******
The Poet’s Companion: A Guide to the Pleasures of Writing Poetry
will help those poets who need new ideas and new styles. Even those
children interested in the subject will walk away more informed. It’s
here free to read:

Jesus among the brightness

This is my hand and a transparency I put together in a copier when I was 12-13 yrs old in a graphics studio

A History of Witchcraft, Sorcerers, Heretics and Pagans by Jeffrey
Russell is a complex conglomerate of historical fact and pictures of
strange and beautiful items. The book is made so that nothing is dry
and pat. Not all of the books have the same cover. Heavy subjects such
as the Burning Times are discussed alongside the lighter Wiccan Revival
and it’s brief history. Fun to look through and read.
15. 0.41 This is a screensaver of my favourite artist, J.W. Waterhouse…it’s
free and it hasn’t run out yet (still). Here are two of his most
famous works: make one of them your background for the full effect…if
you need a larger version (less blurry) of the first one go to the
bottom of Milton Dodd’s Blog, which is named I can’t Prove the Truth.

These Nymphs drag Hylas (Odysseus’s friend) to the depths never to be heard from again b/c they are enchanted by his beauty

To close the circle, she is lighting sulfur
with an ember on her staff. People are in the cave up right. The cave is
the left eye, smoke nose with two raven nostrils and cauldron smile.

<img class="size-medium wp-image-596" title="004">100Wicked
Little Witch Stories>my face in red paint, red light>Evanescence
Album>my face in White>Me bloody on Andrew W.k.>Diary of
Dreams>naked in sunlight”
width=300 height=225
These are pics of me–100Wicked Little Witch
Stories=my face in red paint, red light–Evanescence Album=my face in
White–Me bloody on Andrew W.K.–Diary of Dreams=I’m naked in sunlight

Lamp–I painted a jar

İLGİNÇ KİTAPLAR Crystal-rock-salt-lamp1
Crystal Rock Salt Lamp 150 or 180 Million Yrs old.

The Pyramid Collection offers this ancient crystal mined in the
Himalayas for about $40.00. It’s hollowed out to be a lamp. Perfect
gift for that witch who loves crystals…or anybody. It’s hard not to
like it. I own one and whereas it says in the catalog 8 inch height,
mine seems taller. The biggest crystal you can get for $40 plus the
light makes it that much more beautiful. Buy it here:

This is a fish bowl and sconce on a stand.

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